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    OFX User Reviews

    Whether you're a long-time user or new to the OFX International Money Transfer service, your stories are incredibly valuable. Your insights will help guide and inspire others in our community. Let's share and learn together, making international transfers smoother for everyone.

    Feb 5, 2024 (Upd: Mar 1, 2024)  

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    Share how OFX has helped in your global transactions, any tips you’ve discovered, any successes or frustrations you’ve had.

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    Thanks for a great rate and easy transaction!


    Great rates, sure beats using the banks…plus you know what you will receive without having to subtract any ‘mysterious’ and unknown bank fees


    Consistently great rates and service. Make sure you write “Referred by BER” when you register to get the lower margins and $0 fee transfers.


    Hi am looking to set up a drop-shipping business, do you recommend OFX for handling the currency exchange?


    I suspected RBC were not giving me the best rate for my regular transfer to USD but 6.5% for CAD/USD thats way too much…I mean its only just over the border! Switched to CanadianForex much cheaper thx

    expat bob

    Definitely recommend these guys, have saved heaps over the last year


    I worked for a few years in London and was sending home pounds to Australia on a regular basis, (at around 2.4 to the AUD…those were the days!).
    Initially I was lazy and was just using the international remittance facility of my UK bank until I discovered OFX (OZForex back then), my bank was charging around 3% margin and OFX only around 1%.
    So OFX saved me thousands of dollars over the years. Thank you very much!


    Definitely positive feedback. It is a pleasure to deal with such a friendly and professional company. Setting up the account was very simple. The customer service has been amazing and done a wonderful job. The money did get through on time and without problems.


    Still a little apprehensive about using a third party to take care of my regular overseas transfers, need some more reassurance firstly, before I would use them…what if they go bell up, just as you send them your money…????


    Worked out great. Ran smoothly, no problems.

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