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    When you’re looking to spend or transfer money overseas, you have a lot of different companies to choose from, and they all offer different types of services at varying prices. We’ve taken the time to research each of the providers in this list and compare and rate them based on their fees, exchange rates, customer service, and more.


    There are several benefits to comparing exchange rates offered by both banks and foreign exchange (FX) providers:

    1. Cost savings: By comparing exchange rates, you may be able to identify the most cost-effective option for your transaction, potentially saving money on fees and exchange rates.

    2. Specialized services: FX providers may offer specialized services that banks do not, such as better rates for certain currency pairs or faster transaction processing times. By comparing rates from both types of providers, you can identify the provider that offers the most suitable services for your needs.

    3. Risk management: FX providers may offer tools to help manage risks associated with exchange rate fluctuations, such as forward contracts or options. By comparing rates and services offered by both banks and FX providers, you can assess the level of risk associated with a particular transaction and potentially mitigate any potential losses.

    4. Speed: FX providers may offer faster transaction processing times than banks, which can be advantageous if you need to send or receive funds quickly.

    FX Providers - Review & Compare

    Comparing exchange rates from both banks and FX providers can help you make more informed decisions when it comes to international transactions and potentially save you money and reduce risk in the process. Here is a full list of the FX providers that we cover on BestExchangeRates, read the reviews and compare their exchange rates to your bank and other providers.


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