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USD to AZN was steady at the 90-day average 1.7025. There are no current rate alerts.
25-FEB 5PM-NY 10PM-LON | 26-Feb 9AM-SYD
USD/AZN - 90 Day  

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USD/AZN - US Dollar to Azerbaijani Manat - Historical Trends

7 Day0%1.702518 Feb 2020
30 Day0%1.702526 Jan 2020
3 Month0%1.702527 Nov 2019
1 Year0%1.702525 Feb 2019
5 Year+62.4%1.048626 Feb 2015
10 Year+105.5%0.828627 Feb 2010

*For period to 25-Feb 21UTC when USD/AZN was 1.7025

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