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    BER – Our Story

    Best Exchange Rates aims to help individuals and small businesses understand and save money in international money transfer and currency exchange markets through guides, reviews, ratings, comparisons, an advanced FX calculator, and news.

    BER was launched in 2009 by David Brown,  Founder and CEO.

    We provide a foreign exchange comparison and marketing platform that empowers individuals and businesses to save money in their overseas currency transactions through connecting them with award-winning, regulated foreign exchange experts.

    Our partner vendors can assist with an international money transfer whether it be for buying a house overseas, to support an overseas relocation, paying overseas tuition fees or for travel money. 

    To date, we have connected thousands of people with foreign exchange experts who have enabled them to save money on their international money transfer.

    BER is headquartered in Sydney, with offices in Hong Kong and London.

    Founder & CEO, David Brown

    Prior to founding BER, David spent a decade at the frontier of Foreign Exchange and technology building FX systems for tier one investment banks in Sydney and London. David also spent some years at Bloomberg and French aerospace immersed in building space vehicle telemetry systems and mission critical air traffic control systems.

    David Brown CEO BER

    As an active member of Fintech Australia, David stays engaged with latest developments in technology. He also travels frequently with his British partner and dual citizen 4-year-old.


    BER Mission

    BestExchangeRates is the premier global exchange rate comparison platform for retail and small businesses. The BER comparison algorithms save you time and money finding which vendor is offering the best rate for cash exchange and money transfers right now.

    The aim of the platform is to empower individuals and small businesses to navigate the complex and often perplexing, international money transfer market through guides, reviews, ratings, comparisons, an advanced FX calculator, and news.

    The problem we are solving

    Banks and currency brokers make their money from both fees and the exchange rates they offer.

    Everyone is aware of the fees but few people realise the rate they get is not the mid-rate you see on the news.

    That is because generally the vendors hide this mid-rate from you as they are marking it up significantly – to their own benefit.

    This is the problem we are solving at BER via our transparent pricing calculator – vendor rates are shown alongside the latest market mid-rate and with each vendor’s percentage margin and fees.


    Example BER comparison table

    Who we Help

    Currency Exchange Customers :

    Our price comparison algorithms and calculator can save you time and money since it helps you find which vendor is offering the best rate for cash exchange and money transfers right now.

    We have organised special deals with some of the vendors such as fee-free transfers etc. We also provide handy tips on how to get the best exchange rates for travel or business.

    You can register to set up your profile, favourite currencies and receive information on special offers from our vendors.


    Currency Exchange Providers :

    BER provides a transparent retail currency market place for FX currency converters via the following services:

    For more information on any of the above please click here – Vendor Info page.


    Our partners are only trusted regulated Foreign Exchange brands. Read more about our reviewed providers.

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    For our Media Kit, logos and info on BER please see our BER Media Kit on Google Drive.