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    Expats Repatriating Funds

    Updated: Mar 23, 2022  

    Managing exchange rates can be an important for expats repatriating overseas funds & earnings – Send money home at better rates

    Expats, international investors and frequent travelers often need to move money between countries & currencies and the conventional bank systems for doing this are often slow, cumbersome and expensive.

    A host of services has sprung up to cater to the needs of internationally mobile capital outside the conventional banking system, which has been slow to respond to the needs of modern investors and traders.

    It’s important to compare the exchange rates being offered by our BER foreign transfer specialists to those of your bank and calculate how much you can save.

    You can also use our Best Exchange Rates Multi-Vendor Quotes service to request our FX specialist partners to send you Quotes for your Expat foreign transfer.

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