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    BER Australian Scholarship 2018 Winner Announced

    Xiong Xiao, a PhD candidate currently studying and teaching at the University of Western Australia is awarded BestExchangeRate.com's first scholarship for foreign students in Australia.

    Updated: Jul 13, 2020  

    Thank you to all the candidates who took the time and made the effort to submit an application for the BestExchangeRates.com Australian scholarship 2018. There was considerable competition with many very high calibre submissions from universities across the country.

    In the end, the BER panel agreed that the winner was an exceptional applicant who demonstrated a strong commitment to his area of study with a vision of how his work could add value and contribute to society and the environment.   He is also making great efforts to share his work and broaden his connections through partaking in symposiums and presentations internationally.

    We are delighted to announce the winner of the first BestExchangeRates.com Scholarship award of AU$1500 to Xiong Xiao, a PhD candidate from the University of Western Australia.

    In his own words, Xiong describes the objectives and focus of his area of study:

    “My research focuses on improving the accuracy for the natural gas industry; to reduce the over-design in the gas pipelines for saving money; decrease the safety concerns in the operations; deduct the environmental issues; and make our energy supply reliable and inexpensive. The way to achieve this goal is conducting experiments and constructing models. I am currently using the differential scanning calorimeter to measure the heat capacities of hydrocarbon mixtures with very small uncertainties for helping the design of natural gas heat exchanger at high pressures. I am also doing the modelling work to fit the existing experimental data to the equations so that we can accurately predict the conditions in the gas pipeline. All these are strongly related to the industries and our normal life: it helps promote the use of clean energy for our environment and prevent the petrol price from increasing dramatically.

    I am really excited to be receiving this award from a company like BER which looks to facilitate life for International students in Australia through helping them to save money with their International money transfers.”

    Congratulations to Xiong, BER is proud to be supporting him with this scholarship and looks forward to following his progress.

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