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INR to USD 1,000 - Exchange Rate Overview

Indian Rupee to US Dollar exchange rates can vary significantly for International Money Transfers and Travel Money/Card transactions as shown below.


₹75,995 INR
U$1,000 USD

*Converted at interbank exchange rate, scroll down to compare foreign transfer and spend/travel exchange rates.


Latest interbank exchange rate:

1 INR = 0.013159 USD

Sell INR / Buy USD 

INR to USD 90-day trend
INR/USD at 0.013159 was trading 1.7% below AVG:0.013392 with LO:0.012995 and HI:0.014028 (90 days). ALERT: INR/USD dropped to 14-DAY LOWS.

Indian Rupee to US Dollar - Quick Conversions

₹ 1 U$ 0.0132
₹ 5 U$ 0.0658
₹ 10 U$ 0.1316
₹ 20 U$ 0.2632
₹ 50 U$ 0.6580
₹ 100 U$ 1.3159
₹ 250 U$ 3.2898
₹ 500 U$ 6.5795
₹ 1,000 U$ 13.16
₹ 2,000 U$ 26.32
₹ 5,000 U$ 65.80
₹ 10,000 U$ 131.59
₹ 50,000 U$ 657.95
₹ 100,000 U$ 1,316
More amounts
76.00 U$ 1
380.00 U$ 5
760.00 U$ 10
1,520 U$ 20
3,800 U$ 50
7,600 U$ 100
19,000 U$ 250
38,000 U$ 500
76,000 U$ 1,000
152,000 U$ 2,000
380,000 U$ 5,000
760,000 U$ 10,000
3,800,000 U$ 50,000
7,600,000 U$ 100,000
More amounts

To calculate your own INR/USD amounts use our Convert INR to USD quick calculator.

Comparing Foreign Exchange Providers

The total cost you are charged by your foreign exchange provider consists of the margin from the mid-rate offered plus any fixed or percentage fees. These margins and fees vary significantly for International Money Transfers, Travel Money and prepaid multi-currency Travel Card transactions.

The Exchange rate you are offered can also vary significantly depending on the transaction type (transfer, cash or card), currency pair and amount. The below table shows an example of total costs charged by FX specialists and banks for INR/USD International Money Transfers. Costs are calculated against the current interbank mid-rate.


INR to USD International Money Transfers

Foreign Transfer Provider Receive USD(U$) Exchange RateFee INRDeal Links
Indian Bank International Money Transfers
Indian Bank logo
ICICI Bank International Money Transfers
ICICI Bank logo
U$0.1 more
Banks - Average Rate
Indian Bank logo ICICI Bank logo
U$0.05 more
Indian Bank logo
Indian Bank: Foreign Transfer INR→USD
From Amount (INR)₹1,000
Fee:₹15 INR (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.012619 (4.1% from mid-rate)
To Amount (USD) U$12.43
Total Cost:0%
Time:22:33 Local
Transfer Speed:2-3 days
Services:Online, Branch, Bank Transfers
: /5.0
ICICI Bank logo
ICICI Bank: Foreign Transfer INR→USD
From Amount (INR)₹1,000
Fee:₹12 INR (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.012685 (3.6% from mid-rate)
To Amount (USD) U$12.53
Total Cost:0%
U$0.1 USD more than using Indian Bank
Time:22:33 Local
Transfer Speed:2-3 days
Services:Online, Branch, Bank Transfers
: /5.0
Banks - Average Rate
Foreign Transfer INR→USD
From Amount (INR)₹1,000
Exchange Rate:0.012369 (6% from mid-rate)
To Amount (USD) U$12.48
Total Cost:0%
U$0.05 USD more than using Indian Bank
Transfer Speed:
Snapshot 05/24/2020 - View live rates

The below comparison table displays the margins and possible savings when you order travel money online with a currency specialist rather than in-person from banks and currency kiosks.


US Dollar (USD) Country Guides

United StatesUnited States (USD)East TimorEast Timor (USD)EcuadorEcuador (USD)
El SalvadorEl Salvador (USD)British Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin Islands (USD)US Virgin IslandsUS Virgin Islands (USD)
Caribbean NetherlandsCaribbean Netherlands (USD)Turks and Caicos IslandsTurks and Caicos Islands (USD)ZimbabweZimbabwe (USD)

Indian Rupee and US Dollar Forecasts

When determining the best time to make a foreign exchange transaction, in this case the INR vs USD, you should pay attention to the recent market trends for both currencies.

Indian Rupee (INR)

NAB told Bloomberg TV that it sees a recovery in Asian currencies in the 2nd half of the year if the coronavirus comes under control.

In 2019 the rupee did remarkably well despite a 35 percent rise in the oil price last year (oil is India's largest import).

In early May 2019, by the narrowest of margins, the rupee reached a 16-month high against the Australian dollar (₹48.4), before falling back slightly. It rose towards long-term highs against the euro (₹77.3) and was flat on the year against the US dollar (₹69.2), although it was 8 percent higher against the greenback than it had been in October of 2018.

Read more in the article INR Forecasts.


US Dollar (USD)

In early May the continuing coronavirus pandemic and an associated possible re-escalation in the US-China trade tensions has moved the market into safer currencies such as the USD and JPY.

Goldman Sachs and RBC Capital forecast a large drop for US dollar against Japanese Yen to continue with a USD/JPY rate of 95 in the near future.

The US dollar held its value in 2019 despite the US-China trade tensions, mainly because the greenback is still considered a safer currency to own than most others.

Read more in the article USD Forecasts.

How to get Best INR to USD Exchange Rates

All foreign exchange providers charge a fee for providing their service and this fee is usually contained within the exchange rate margin (or difference to the mid-rate).

The transaction margin you end up being charged can be considerably reduced by around a few percent (of total amount being exchanged) for travel money and possibly over 5% to 6% when sending money. The exact potential savings depends on the currencies being exchanged and the amount you are transferring and if you are willing to shop around.

Our real-time foreign transfer and travel money/cards comparison calculators make shopping around easy and help you calculate how much you can save.


What is a good INR to USD exchange rate?

This is a difficult question and the answer really depends on many factors. The best way to consider an exchange rate's relative value is to look at the rate's history.

The following table looks at the change in the INR to USD exchange rate over periods upto 10 years.

1 Week0.013211 May 2020
30 Days0.013118 Apr 2020
90 Days0.014018 Feb 2020
1 Year0.014219 May 2019
5 Years0.015720 May 2015
10 Years0.021321 May 2010

When is the best time to exchange INR to USD?

Getting a good market rate is all about timing to help with this you can use BER Smart Alerts to make the most of currency movements.

Rather than requiring you to set a target rate, our rate alerts work differently. We check for daily high/lows and changes (up/down) over a range of periods up to 90 days rather than requiring you to set target rates.

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