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    Instarem Money Transfers Reviewed

    Instarem provides fast, safe and cost effective cross border money transfer services for Individuals and businesses from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore to more than 25 countries.

    Updated: Aug 03, 2023  

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    InstaReM – The Best Exchange Rates Review

    InstaReM is a relatively new entrant in the international money transfer market with offices and licenses in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong with a sole focus on international money transfers low transfer fees, real-time exchange rates, speedy payments and excellent customer service. Since launching in 2015, the company now has a strong customer base of over 10,000 people.

    They have a cutting-edge Treasury set up that means you will often receive your payment in the recipient account the same or next business day!

    InstaReM money remittance services are available to individuals and businesses and you can transfer money from Australia to 50 countries using their service.

    For corporates and SMEs, InstaReM offers MassPay platform that helps them make bulk payments to multiple beneficiaries in multiple currencies through a seamless global payments process.

    Transactions are processed at excellent exchange rates, making InstaReM’s service very cost-effective whilst transfers can be booked via InstaReM’s website or its Mobile App anytime, anywhere. You will know the transfer fee right at the time of initiating the transfer.

    InstaReM holds an AFS License under ASIC regulation. Money paid to your InstaReM account must come from your bank account and cannot be made from a third party.

    Contact InstaReM today and inform them you visited Best Exchange Rates and they’ll guarantee you just that, the Best Exchange Rates when making an international money transfer or payment overseas for both individuals and businesses.

    InstaReM can make you considerable savings against the banks by providing more competitive exchange rates.

    InstaReM home page

    How to Use InstaReM?

    How can I make a transfer?

    Before making a money transfer with InstaReM, you will need to create your InstaReM account. This can be done online and will take a few minutes to complete by entering basic personal information. You will need to provide supporting documentation, including your driving license, passport and bank statement or utility bill. The documentation is required to verify your identity to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act 2006.

    When your account is approved, you are ready to make a payment. Select the amount and currencies before entering the payee’s bank details. Finally, initiate the bank transfer, including the reference number within the details of the transfer, and you’re done. For immediate transfers, select POLI rather than bank transfers.

    Special Offer for Best Exchange Rates Customers!

    When you book your first transfer with us, use the coupon code BER10AU enjoy a $10 bonus on the transaction, as long as you transfer over $500.

    Transfer Speed

    Transaction typically takes 1 business day to process from the time funds are received. The time for the beneficiary to receive the funds will depend on the receiving bank processing times.

    Same Day processing cut-off times

    This is the time that your funds need to be received by InstaReM for the transfer to be completed on the same day.

    Currencies InstaReM offers

    InstaReM can buy AUD, HKD or SGD from you and sell to you GBP, USD, NZD, EUR, PHP, INR, MYR, SGD, HKD, THB, IDR, USD, BDT, LKR and many others.

    Features of the InstaReM service

    Transfer Amount Limits

    Minimum transfer of $50, no maximum limit. The first transfer should not exceed $2,500.

    InstaReM Transfers

    Visit InstaReM

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