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    Currency in Vanuatu – Vanuatu vatu VUV

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide on sending money and travel to Vanuatu

    What's in this Vanuatu currency guide?

    1. Travelling to Vanuatu
    2. VUV Latest Rate
    3. VUV Charts


    Travelling to Vanuatu

    Vanuatu is not a country of mega-resorts or worldwide chains, but one of character-filled boutique hotels, often set in secluded locales. Deserted beaches, ancient culture, remote and rugged islands and world-class diving are just a small part of the magnetism of this scattered 80-plus island archipelago. And then there is Mt Yasur, an active volcano which you can drive to 150m of the creator and peer down at the fountain of lava. Some visitors find Yasur terrifying; others captivating. Photographers are beside themselves at the opportunity to capture nature at its most furious from such a vantage point. A sturdy tripod is essential for the best shots. The best times to visit Yasur are just before sunrise and for an hour or two after sunset. Absolute darkness is the ultimate thrill. The level of activity within Yasur fluctuates between dangerous and relatively calm, but when it’s hot, it’s hot.

    Can I use credit cards in Vanuatu?

    However, Port Vila and Luganville are not cheap, and you’ll need to exchange your dollars and pounds for some Vanuatu vatu (the local currency). Many resorts in the area feature money exchanges and ATM access. However, for the average traveler through the islands, cash is a necessity. Maintaining a supply of money during your trip is not only desirable, it is vital. Without a few thousand vatu, you can’t even get a cab, much less pay for dinner. Many of the restaurants and shops in Port Vila and Luganville do not accept credit cards and ATM cards; cash is the only option.

    You will not find banks or ATMs in any of the villages around the islands. In fact, Port Vila and Luganville are the only places that you’ll be able to do that. The ANZ bank and the supermarket in Port Vila offer ATMs for your convenience.

    Do I need a visa for Vanuatu?

    Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to visit Vanuatu. Visitors may stay 30 days with possible extensions up to 4 months. Visitors must have onward tickets to a place where they have authorised entry and sufficient funds to support themselves in Vanuatu.

    Sending Money to Vanuatu

    The below comparison table makes it easy to find the best exchange rates and lowest fees when you want to make a Transfer or Spend Vanuatu vatu.

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    Vanuatu vatu – Markets & Rates

    1 USD = 112.70 VUV
    Sell USD  →  Buy VUV
    USD to VUV at 112.7 is 0.8% above its 90-day average, range 111.2-113.1.

    Historic USD-VUV Rates

    USD/VUV wasChangePeriod
    24 Nov 2021
    0.8% 2 Weeks
    09 Sep 2021
    1.2% 90 Days
    08 Dec 2020
    1.1% 1 Year
    09 Dec 2016
    5% 5 Years
    11 Dec 2011
    22.3% 10 Years
    13 Dec 2001
    22.7% 20 Years
    USD/VUV change over periods to 08-Dec-2021


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