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    AUD to INR Forecasts 2021

    Since the beginning of the pandemic AUD/INR has increased over 23 percent and that's been great news for Indian expat workers in Australia.

    Updated: Oct 09, 2021  

    1 AUD = 53.60 INR
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    AUD to INR at 53.59 has fallen 1.3% below average of its 90-day range 52.67-56.46.
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    AUD/INR dollar outlook

    AUD/INR has risen 3 percent back to the 55 level since late September mainly due to AUD strength as Australia profits from energy prices hikes.

    In September the ‘risk off’ market mood has pushed the Australian dollar further down against the Rupee. After peaking in April near 58 the AUD/INR exchange rate changed direction and has headed down towards the 53-54 mark.

    AUD/INR wasChangePeriod
    04 Jan 2022
    0.6% 2 Weeks
    20 Oct 2021
    4.6% 90 Days
    18 Jan 2021
    4.7% 1 Year
    19 Jan 2017
    4.1% 5 Years
    21 Jan 2012
    2.1% 10 Years
    23 Jan 2002
    114.1% 20 Years
    AUD/INR change over periods to 18-Jan-2022


    Australian dollar to Indian rupee bank forecasts

    This sees the Aussie to Rupee rate (at the end of September) AUD/INR well below it’s 90-day average below 55 rupee to the Australian dollar.

    Expected to rise to US75¢ by the end of 2022, however the Aussie dollar is forecast to have a volatile year against a range of currencies.

    AUD Outlook

    The Indian rupee has dropped to its lowest level against a range of currencies since April as the Reserve Bank of India kept its monetary policy unchanged.

    Most Asian currencies have weakened against the dollar on fears that surging energy prices could spur inflation and interest rate hikes.

    India imports most of its oil requirements and higher crude prices tend to push up domestic inflation.

    INR Outlook

    Unlike Latin American countries, which continue to benefit from a U.S. recovery, Asian countries are vulnerable to economic austerity in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East due to the drop in demand for Oil during the Covid pandemic. More than 60% of remittances to India, Bangladesh and Pakistan come from Gulf countries.

    In 2020, from the initial pandemic shock in March through to the end of the year, AUD/INR rose 30 percent, welcome news for Indian expat workers, who represent one of the largest groups remitting money from Australia.

    Note that forecasts and predictions for the AUD/INR exchange rate change all the time, affected by news events and relative sentiment towards the Australian and Indian and this exchange rate is even more volatile than usual because of the uncertainties around the Coronavirus pandemic.


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