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    AUD to THB Forecasts 2021

    In 2021 currency forecasts are primarily influenced by the perceived relative coronavirus impact on economies and the success of government's response to the pandemic and impact on tourism.

    Updated: Oct 09, 2021  

    1 AUD = 23.57 THB
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    AUD to THB at 23.56 has fallen 2.1% below average of its 90-day range 23.56-25.04.

    AUD/THB dollar outlook

    AUD/THB has been steadily rising since the beginning of September, mainly due to AUD strength on energy price hikes.

    Besides the protests last year AUD/THB forecasts have been primarily focused on the coronavirus impact on and response by both economies, in particular the drastic impact to tourism for Thailand.

    AUD/THB wasChangePeriod
    12 Jan 2022
    2.8% 2 Weeks
    28 Oct 2021
    5.8% 90 Days
    26 Jan 2021
    1.4% 1 Year
    27 Jan 2017
    11.6% 5 Years
    29 Jan 2012
    29% 10 Years
    31 Jan 2002
    5.4% 20 Years
    AUD/THB change over periods to 26-Jan-2022


    Thai Baht forecasts

    Asian currencies including Thai baht have been hit by the hawkish tilt from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who signalled in September that the bond tapering is expected to start in November.

    Protesters had demanded the removal of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, a new constitution and reduction in the powers of the king. Normally events such as this would be seen as impacting the Thai tourist industry and thus also the Baht, however tourism is minimal during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Thailand has navigated Covid better than other Southeast Asian countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia) but the recent new wave could see many businesses struggle. Particularly the food industry.

    Expected to rise to US75¢ by the end of 2022, however the Aussie dollar is forecast to have a volatile year against a range of currencies.

     AUD Outlook


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