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    AUD to THB Forecasts

    The outlook for AUD/THB this year will be determined by the success of government's measures to re-open the country to tourism after the pandemic.

    Updated: Jun 22, 2022  

    1 AUD = 24.49 THB
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    AUD to THB at 24.51 is near its 90-day average 24.51 with range 23.82-25.42.

    AUD/THB dollar outlook

    Since the two years pandemic shutdown the Thai baht is down 15 percent versus the Aussie dollar representing good value for a favourite Australian South-east Asian destination.

    20 Jun 2022
    0.4% 2 Week
    05 Apr 2022
    3.6% 3 Month
    04 Jul 2021
    1.5% 1 Year
    05 Jul 2017
    5.1% 5 Year
    06 Jul 2012
    24.2% 10 Year
    09 Jul 2002
    4.8% 20 Year
    AUD/THB change over periods to 04-Jul-2022


    Factors impacting the AUD/THB exchange rate

    AUD/THB forecasts have been primarily focused on the coronavirus impact on and response by both economies, in particular the drastic impact to tourism for Thailand.

    Thailand has navigated Covid better than other Southeast Asian countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia) but the recent new wave could see many businesses struggle. Particularly the food industry.

    Mid-year the USD/THB rate sits at 6 year highs above the 35 level.

    In the last year the Thai baht is down 10 percent versus the greenback representing good value for visitors now that Thailand has eased border controls to benefit from a rebound in global travel.

     THB Outlook


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