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    Compare International Money Transfers

    We save you time and money by researching International Money Transfers providers comparing their overall service, rates and fees to using your bank.

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    Top International Money Transfer Providers

    When choosing a provider to send money abroad finding the best currency rate is generally everyone’s number one factor. Other important criteria to also consider are transfer speed, delivery options (bank transfer or cash pickup), customer service, mobile apps and extra fees.

    You can read more about Currency Transfer and Travel Tips for the United States in our the United States FX guide.




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    OFX at a glance

    OFX has a 20-year history and is one of the largest foreign exchange specialists in the world. It offers a complete foreign exchange solution, including discounted money transfers, currency hedging tools, recurring transfers, a multi-currency account for online sellers and much more.

    Book & track your foreign transfers online (24/7) with industry best rates for all your deals - not just the first one! Lock in exchange rates with Spot & Forward Deals.

    Their transactions are transparent, unlike most banks. Also, as the rates are displayed on the site, customers can see what rates they can expect.

    How much does it cost?

    Exchange Rates - OFX exchange rates are extremely competitive for global money transfers – either the best or very close to the best exchange rates prevailing in the market.

    Transfer Fees - OFX usually charge a flat fee for smaller amounts, but if you click on the link below or mention that you are a BestExchangeRates customer, then your transfers will be fee free.

    How long does it take?

    Once OFX receive your payment the transfer recipient will receive the converted funds into their account in 1-2 business days.

    Is OFX safe?

    Yes they are. OFX is regulated in each country that they operate. See our full review of OFX for more information.

    A Trusted Foreign Exchange Specialist

    As the Official Currency Exchange Provider in the USA and Canada to the NHL®, OFX manages a portion of the NHL’s currency exchange requirements and promises to move NHL fans' money with great exchange rates.

    NHL and the NHL Shield are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. © NHL 2022. All Rights Reserved.


    Great OFX Services for Online Sellers

    OFX is an Amazon Payment Services Provider. Also receive payments from Afterpay, Klarna, Zip and more. You can collect your online seller global revenues in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD and HKD.

    For more details on OFX exchange rates, service and what their users think read our guide OFX Foreign Transfers Reviewed.





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    XE money transfers at a glance

    Transfers can be booked online and over the phone and most are processed within a single working day.

    XE works on razor-thin margins for money transfers to more than 100 countries and nearly always guarantees a fantastic deal.


    Sending Money with XE


    How much can you send online with XE

    For your security, XE have limits on how much you can send in a single transfer online.
    Your region Online transfer limit
    UK & Europe 🇬🇧🇪🇺   GBP 350,000
    United States 🇺🇸  USD 535,000
    Canada 🇨🇦  CAD 535,000
    Australia & New Zealand 🇦🇺🇳🇿  AUD/NZD 750,000

    Sending Larger Amounts with XE

    Xe has a dedicated team ready to help you with large transfers. Since if you’re sending large amounts of money, you may need some extra assistance.

    If you send more than $50,000 USD a year (or local currency equivalent) you are eligible for this service.

    For more details on XE exchange rates, service and what their users think read our guide XE Foreign Transfers Reviewed.





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    WorldRemit at a glance

    WorldRemit - Send Money Online Anytime, Anywhere. 24/7 online service – no agents to visit. Bank Transfers - Cash Pickup - Mobile Money - Airtime top-up.

    Register from the below button for a Zero Fee first transfer.

    With WorldRemit, funds can be sent to bank accounts, mobile money wallets, can be picked up as cash at partnering banks and can be used to top up a loved one’s mobile phone.

    WorldRemit is an online service with no physical outlets, which allows for lower costs and greater convenience; it’s also the first of the new wave of FX companies to offer instant WhatsApp notifications on the status of transfers.

    WorldRemit isn’t a viable choice for large payments, such as property purchases, because its maximum transfer sizes are quite limited in many countries.

    For more details on WorldRemit exchange rates, service and what their users think read our guide WorldRemit Foreign Transfers Reviewed.




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    Wise at a glance

    Wise products

    Wise (formerly TransferWise) always aim to convert money at the real mid-market exchange rate. There’s just a small, fair service fee, and it’s all shown up-front, this fee normally works out to be less than 1% of the amount being exchanged.

    Exchange guaranteed within 2 business days - Pay via Bank Transfer or VISA/Mastercard debit cards.

    Setup Direct Debits to Pay Bills abroad from AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP and USD accounts.

    Multi-currency Accounts: Regardless of which country you live in, with a Wise Borderless Account you receive a unique set of GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD, SGD, RON, CAD, HUF and TRY account details with which you can get paid like a local. Together with an account number, you’ll receive a SWIFT, BSB, routing and/or sort code and anything else needed to receive funds in those currencies.

    Read our Review of Wise Borderless Account.

    The Wise debit card are free to set up and use. And there's never any monthly fee and minimum balance to worry about.

    You get two free ATM withdrawals worldwide up to a max amount every 30 days, then a charge on additional withdrawals.

    Auto-convert any currency - Spend in any currency and the Wise smart tech will auto-convert it with the lowest possible fee.

    Unlike practically all other Travel cards you can pay foreign currency into this card via your own personal foreign bank accounts.

    For more details on Wise exchange rates, service and what their users think read our guide Wise Foreign Transfers Reviewed.




    Comparing Online Money Transfers

    Sending money abroad isn’t cheap, but it can be done more cheaply than you think. Money transfer companies and banks make tons of money by charging fees and a margin on the exchange rate, which is normally hidden.

    We at BER can help you send and receive money with guaranteed low fees by comparing the latest exchange rates to help you find the best deal out there! Here’s how we are able to achieve that.

    While exchanging money and conducting international money transfers, keeping the mid-market rate in mind is the key. The mid-market rate, or also referred to as the interbank rate, is the ‘real’ or ‘true’ exchange rate. This is the currency rate that banks and other outlets use to globally trade different currencies on the market. The mid-market rate is impacted by economic factors, including government debts, trade agreements, speculation, economic performance, political uncertainty, inflation, and interest rates.

    When you know the mid-market rate, it can be compared against the rates that currency exchange outlets and banks have. We make this easy for you by comparing the exchange rates and fees that different financial institutions have. Before receiving money or sending money overseas, it’s vital to check for any additional fees that may still be included. Some outlets like to sneak in extra fees, which change the total cost considerably!

    We highly recommend using non-bank exchange services. Exchange services such as WorldRemit tend to offer quite competitive rates that give you a better value. While sending money overseas, these companies both provide customer support around the clock and charge lower transfer fees than banks do. For similar reasons, we also recommend not exchanging any money at airports. While these booths are quite convenient for exchanging currency, they never offer fair rates. As a rule, they charge a high price for convenience and should only be used as a last resort.
    Looking for the best international wire transfer options for your country? BER can help!

    Where do you want to Save Sending Money?

    Making an international wire transfer has never been easier! Whether you’re travelling or living abroad, you may find that you need to send money overseas or receive it.

    However, make sure that you take advantage of the best money transfer options for your country! Most of us shop around when it comes to selecting home loans or personal loans that offer the best conditions – so it only makes sense to do a bit of homework when it comes to money transfers – especially if you intend to transfer money regularly. The great news is – when it comes to evaluating your money transfer options, BER’s got your back!

    There are many ways to conduct international wire transfers. As well as the traditional option of using a bank, you can also use PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Wise (formerly Transferwise). Wire transfers through banks can take a lot more effort and cost more than other companies, so it’s always best to shop around before choosing one. That’s why BER offers dedicated, detailed international wire transfer guides on how to save money for transfers to such countries as the United States, Eurozone, United Kingdom, India, and Australia. We also provide tons of general information on all transfers, and are always happy to answer any additional currency exchange questions you might have.

    Many companies and exchange services like to make some extra cash by skewing the exchange rates. We compare these exchange rates for you, making it easy to see which money transfer provider is offering the best one.

    To avoid hidden fees, you can also consider getting quotes from the services you are considering. Quotes help you sort through many money transfers companies and find the best deal available. Using more advanced transfer tools, such as forward contracts, recurring payments, and limit orders, may also attract varying charges that should be checked beforehand.

    We recommend first finding out how long transferring money internationally will take with the money transfer providers you have chosen. Checking the time can be done easily, as an estimate of the time is usually provided after completing the transfer form.

    Money transfers will usually take one to three business days depending on the service provider you have chosen. This will be substantially slower if it is a bank, as bank transfers are impacted by quite a few factors. For example, if the receiver’s account is set in a very different time zone, then the transfer will take longer. Also, the days the destination bank works on can influence the speed of the transfer.
    Need to keep your personal finance, international wire transfers, and credit card spending in check? Look no further!

    Similarly, checking out payment options and cash pickup options before transferring funds can also help you be prepared and ensure that processing times work for you. To check the reliability of the provider you have chosen, you can check out their rating on Trustpilot, which gives an overview of many different companies. Checking the reliability of your chosen provider is important, as it ensures a safe transfer experience to your destination countries.

    Anything else you need to know about wire / international transfers or travel money solutions? Ask us at BER!




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    We make it easy to save money by making these fees and exchange rates easier to see and compare rates from trusted, regulated money transfer specialists to use when you need to send money abroad. With the below foreign transfer comparison table, you can quickly find the best way to send money internationally.

    Using your Bank to make international wire transfers can be very expensive – often 5% to 6% worse than using a foreign exchange specialist to send money abroad or pay a foreign invoice.