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    New Zealand Opening After Two Years – Aussies Welcomed First

    'Fortress New Zealand' opening after two long pandemic years - Aussies welcomed back first on April 12th and other nationalities on 1st of May.

    Updated: May 03, 2022  

    New Zealand will reopen its border to the world next month and will end the “fortress” settings that kept Covid-19 out for much of the pandemic.

    Australians will be allowed to enter without needing to isolate on arrival from 11:59 p.m. on April 12, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Wednesday in Wellington.

    Countries such as the U.S., U.K., Japan, Singapore and Germany, with visa-free arrangements will be able to enter from midnight May 1 she said.

    Ardern slammed the border two years ago, allowing citizens to enter, but only through managed isolation facilities.

    New Zealand was successful in preventing its population from coming in contact with Covid 19. However, its defences were not enough to withstand the omicron variant of the virus which is now rapidly spreading.

    Ending border restrictions will be great for New Zealand’s tourism industry — the nation’s biggest export earner before the two-year absence of foreign visitors.

    How has COVID affected New Zealand Dollar rates?

    Lets take a look at some popular Buy NZD exchange rates compared to two years ago in those distant pre-COVID days.

    AUD to NZD

    The Aussie dollar bought 1.04 New Zealand dollars just before the global pandemic crisis back in March 2020. After an initial drop to 1.02 it improved to 1.09 and currently at the time of writing (mid-March 2022) sits at 1.06.

    USD to NZD

    The US dollar in March 2020 bought over 1.60 New Zealand dollars just before the global pandemic crisis in March 2020. After an initial jump to 1.70 it dived to mid 1.30s one year into the pandemic. In the second year of the pandemic the US dollar has slowly improved towards buying 1.50 NZD.

    EUR to NZD

    FJD to NZD

    INR to NZD

    Compare New Zealand dollar Exchange Rates & Fees

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    For more information read our practical foreign exchange and currency guide to New Zealand.

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