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    Thailand Relaxes Covid Rules for Tourists

    Global travel starts to revive so Thailand moves to revive its Economy after the pandemic.

    Mar 20, 2022 (Upd: Feb 6, 2024)  

    Foreign travelers don't need to present a Covid-free certificate to get on flights starting April 1. However, you will still have to go through the RT-PCR test when you arrive and take an antigen test on the 5th day.

    The only caveat to this good news is that there is no reduction in the required cover of travel insurance to visit Thailand, which remains at US$20,000.

    Pubs and entertainment venues will remain closed. Though, the industry is demanding the reopening of these establishments.

    Authorities are working on a plan to classify the pandemic as endemic in the coming months but any progress towards it would depend on controlling the current outbreak before then.

    The government hasn’t stopped the Covid mask mandate or some of the restrictions imposed by Covid. These measures will remain in place until the outbreak has been tamed.

    Into the second quarter of 2023 the Thai baht remains weak at around the 34 level vs the US dollar.

    At this level the Thai baht represents good value for visitors now that Thailand has eased border controls to benefit from a rebound in global travel.

    Thailand announced 1 million tourists visited the country in July which shows the country is on track to returning to pre-Covid tourism levels.

    Malaysia and Thailand are also among the largest oil producers in Asia.

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    Based on recent exchange rate analyst forecasts and currency market updates, the Australian dollar (AUD) has experienced fluctuations primarily driven by domestic economic data, global market sentiment, and monetary policy decisions. The AUD has shown resilience amid uncertainties surrounding US interest rate changes and geopolitical tensions, fluctuating between US$0.63 to US$0.66. The AUD to THB exchange rate has been stable, hovering near 24.17 THB, influenced by factors like commodity prices and the global economic outlook.

    Looking ahead, FX analysts anticipate that the AUD may face downward pressure as the US Federal Reserve is unlikely to lower interest rates until later this year, impacting the AUD's strength against major currencies like the USD, EUR, and GBP. The AUD's value is also closely tied to global risk appetite and commodity prices, particularly iron ore demand from countries like China. As for the Thai baht (THB), its value around 34 THB against the US dollar remains weak, presenting favorable conditions for travelers due to eased border controls in Thailand and a resurgence in tourism activity. Additionally, the THB can be influenced by oil price movements, which have shown volatility around $83 per barrel, impacting the overall economic outlook for Thailand and neighboring oil-producing countries like Malaysia.

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