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    WorldRemit – User Reviews

    With WorldRemit, send money online 24/7 to 140 destinations at highly competitive exchange rates. Send to bank accounts and mobile money wallets, top up a loved one's mobile phone or send for cash pick-up.

    Feb 8, 2024 (Upd: Feb 18, 2024)  

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    What Do Users Think of WorldRemit?

    Online reviews suggest that the overwhelming majority (>90 percent) of WorldRemit money transfers are handled smoothly and quickly.

    BER research indicates that customer complaints have picked up but the number of complaints is still very low relative to total reviews, and after reading a number of negative reviews, we feel that some of these troublesome transfers were held up by factors that WorldRemit could not have controlled.

    There have been some worrying issues with cash pick-ups (see above) but all in all, WorldRemit feedback has been excellent. At the time of writing more than 80 percent of TrustPilot reviewers assigned WorldRemit a 5-star rating.

    The below comments from our users reflect a balanced perspective on WorldRemit’s services, highlighting strengths such as ease of use, customer service responsiveness, and areas for potential improvement.

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    I use WorldRemit to send money back home regularly. While I’m satisfied with the transaction speed and costs, I wish their mobile app had a feature to track historical exchange rates.


    As a first-time user, I was a bit nervous about sending money internationally. WorldRemit’s step-by-step process made it so easy, and the low fee was the cherry on top!


    I appreciate the transparency with XE Money Transfers. No hidden fees and the exchange rate you see is what you get. Made my international purchase much easier and cheaper.


    The user interface of both the website and app is top-notch. Makes sending money as easy as a few clicks. Especially appreciate the instant notifications confirming the transaction.


    I had a transaction that didn’t go through immediately due to a verification issue. It was resolved quickly, but a clearer explanation at the start would have been helpful. Overall, still trust and recommend WorldRemit.


    love how WorldRemit allows you to send money to a wide range of countries, including less commonly served destinations. It’s been a lifeline for supporting my family abroad.


    Their cash pickup option is a lifesaver for family members in areas with limited banking services. WorldRemit’s extensive network means I can support my loved ones no matter where they are.


    Been using WorldRemit for over two years to manage expenses in several countries. While it’s mostly been smooth, I’ve encountered occasional delays. Their customer service is always helpful, but I hope they work on preventing these issues.


    I had an issue where my transfer was delayed, and it was a bit stressful. However, WorldRemit’s customer service team was on it and kept me updated throughout. They turned a potentially negative experience into a positive one.


    WorldRemit has been a game-changer for me. I work in multiple countries and send money frequently. The low fees and excellent exchange rates mean more money gets to where it’s needed. Plus, their service is incredibly reliable.

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