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    GBP to AUD Forecasts

    The Ukraine war and energy crisis has taken over from the coronavirus pandemic as the main theme affecting the GBP to AUD rate & forecasts.

    Updated: Jun 21, 2022  

    1 GBP = 1.7693 AUD
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    GBP to AUD at 1.7675 is just above its 90-day average 1.7603 with range 1.7254-1.7802.
      1 AUD = 0.5652 GBP

    GBP/AUD Outlook

    In the first quarter the GBP/AUD exchange rate dropped on the impact of the Ukraine situation on commodity prices — this was good for AUD and bad for GBP.

    Since then the pound-aussie rate has fluctuated around the 1.76 level (1 AUD = 0.56 GBP), but as we move through 2022 the prospect of more Australian interest rate rises sooner than expected could boost the Aussie dollar vs Sterling.

    20 Jun 2022
    0.3% 2 Week
    05 Apr 2022
    2.2% 3 Month
    04 Jul 2021
    4.2% 1 Year
    05 Jul 2017
    3.6% 5 Year
    06 Jul 2012
    16.3% 10 Year
    09 Jul 2002
    35.3% 20 Year
    GBP/AUD change over periods to 04-Jul-2022


    Factors impacting the British Pound Sterling to Australian dollar exchange rate

    The Sterling to Aussie exchange rate is even more volatile than usual because of the uncertainties around how the British economy will perform post-Brexit and the relative impact on the two economies of the Covid-19 pandemic and russian invasion of Ukraine.

    AUD is widely expected to rise to US75¢ by the end of 2022. However along the way the Aussie is forecast to have a volatile year against a range of currencies.

     AUD Outlook


    The outlook for sterling looks challenging in its precarious economic environment. In June, OFX say the pound could trade against the euro between 1.19-1.16 EUR and against the USD between 1.21-1.27 USD.

    The pound hit a 3-Year LOW in mid May near 1.22 against the greenback (1 USD = 0.81 GBP) — on the bleak outlook for the UK economy and after the Federal Reserve started its long anticipated increase of interest rates.

     GBP Outlook


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    Australia and the United Kingdom signed a free trade agreement in June 2020, which will make whisky and wine cheaper in both countries and reduce tariffs on speciality foods, also easing travel and work restrictions.


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