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    Western Union – User Reviews

    These Western Union user reviews span a broad range of user experiences, highlighting the Western Union exchange rates & range of international money transfer services they provide compared to other options.

    Aug 27, 2012 (Upd: Mar 1, 2024)  

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    WU are not the cheapest currency provider around but perhaps the most convenient with locations on practically every street corner especially in developing world, which is handy if you need to Transfer funds for Cash Pickup.

    What Do Users Think of Western Union’s Online Send Money?


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    Comparing fees and exchange rates, Western Union can be on the higher side, especially for certain corridors. It’s important to check their rates against other services for the best deal.


    While Western Union is reliable, I feel their digital app could use some updates. It’s functional but not as user-friendly as some newer services. However, for traditional money transfers, they’re hard to beat.


    I’ve had mixed experiences with exchange rates at Western Union. They’re convenient for last-minute transfers, but for large amounts, I shop around to ensure I’m getting the best rate.


    I used Western Union to send money to my family in a remote area. The convenience of cash pickup options is incredible, ensuring my family gets the funds without needing a bank account.


    Western Union has been my go-to for emergency funds while traveling. Their global reach is unmatched, and I’ve always found a location nearby, no matter where I am.


    Its not cheap but its fast and convenient, only use when you really need to get money to someone quick


    Western Union on line to send money from the US to Italy was a disaster. First, you had to set up an account. Then after entering your data you were told that the “number” had to be sent by mail. Then the number comes and you fill out the forms for a transfer using a credit card which, for some impossible to understand reason, is rejected. You then try using your bank account and the “router number” for some impossible to understand reason is rejected. Calls to the system were not helpful. Basically they want you to do the post… Read more »


    If I could give a minus here I would! No wonder its popular with scam artists cause their heads are up their yahoos. Expensive and their online service is tedious,inconvenient and unreliable. Need some compeititon.


    I have 3 words. DON’t DO IT!!! it’s horrible. The worse service and they treat you like you are an idiot. They don’t deserve a 1 star, that’s too much of a rating for them. Word of advice, avoid the headache and for your money not being held by them and do a wire, a bank transfer, a deposit or send a ck by mail…


    This is a review for WESTERN UNION (not a particular branch).
    First time needing to use them. I was appalled at the ignorance. They had me running around town for a couple of days when the transaction could have happened in less than 10 minutes.

    Costumer service: Non-existent
    Knowledge of job: Poor

    no stars!

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