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    World First’s selection of 11 global events for sports lovers in 2016

    Dec 2, 2015 (Upd: Feb 6, 2024)  

    A new year brings a wealth of sporting delights around the world, from Euro 2016 to the Invictus Games.

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    imagesHK7Here are our 11 global events for sports lovers in 2016.

    Superbowl 50, San Francisco, USA – Feb 7
    5 seconds of action, then 5 minutes waiting? Not for the aficionados that regard Superbowl as an unofficial holiday. This 50th edition takes place at San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium.

    ICC World Twenty20, India – March 11 – April 3

    Cricket – simply the most important thing to millions of Indians. Expect a fevered atmosphere and plenty of big hitting along the way as Sri Lanka defend their title.

    F1Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne, Australia – March 20
    A new dawn, a brand new season of hope, of expectation… of another season of dominance for Mercedes. But seriously, F1’s traditional season opener at Albert Park is generally one of the better races.

    Hong Kong Sevens, Hong Kong – April 8 – 10
    Think the seven man version is inferior to the 15-man game? Maybe you thought sevens was for kids, or that it’s somehow easier. Think again. This one’s the biggest of the Sevens World Series.

    Invictus Games, Florida, USA – May 8 – 10
    These Games – featuring military personnel who were injured in service – are Prince Harry’s personal project; seeing them will leave you inspired, humbled and ever so slightly inadequate.

    Indianapolis 500, Indiana, USA – May 29
    This iconic race was first run in 1911, and from the moment the starter utters the immortal line “ladies and gentlemen, start your engines”, and the air fills with exhaust and noise, motorsport fans know they’re somewhere special.

    Euro 2016, France – June 10 – July 10
    Football matches every day for a month? Heaven! And now, with 24 teams rather than 16, some of Europe’s lesser teams get a chance to appear at a major tournament – in some cases for the first time.

    Wimbledon Tennis, London, UK – June 27 – July 10
    Anyone for Pimms? Whether you’ve paid a fortune for Centre Court tickets or spent hours in a queue just to get in, a day at The Championships should be on every sports lover’s bucket list. The atmosphere is amazing, especially when Murraymania is in the air.

    Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – August 5 – 21
    It’s the time when we all become experts on archery or handball, and when even non-sports fans will dip into some of the action. And in Rio, it should be quite an event!

    Ryder Cup Golf, Minnesota, USA – September 30 – October 2
    The jewel in golf’s crown, the Ryder Cup always seems to throw up a few stories. This time, it’s the US’s turn to host round, and they’ll be looking to break the Europeans’ run of three straight wins.

    MCGBoxing Day Test, Melbourne, Australia – December 26
    This match at the MCG is a real fixture in the cricketing season, and gives one of the best atmospheres the in the sport. If you burn easily, make sure you get a seat out the sun; seven hours of roasting might be too much!

    Like the sound of these? There are plenty more sporting events as part of our 101 Must-Do Global Events in 2016!

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