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    OFX US dollar (USD) Exchange Rates Compared Live

    We help you save money by comparing OFX US dollar (USD) exchange rates to the latest market rate and those offered by leading FX providers.

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    OFX at a glance

    OFX has a 20-year history and is one of the largest foreign exchange specialists in the world. It offers a complete foreign exchange solution, including discounted money transfers, currency hedging tools, recurring transfers, a multi-currency account for online sellers and much more.

    OFX grew from the idea that there had to be a better, fairer way to move money around the world. That was over 20 years ago, and since then over 1 million customers have trusted OFX with transfers in 50+ currencies to over 170 countries.

    OFX don’t just offer great rates, they believe real help from real people counts. That’s why their clients get the best of both worlds – a seamless digital platform, combined with 24/7 phone access to currency experts.

    When it comes to moving money, peace of mind is important. OFX is monitored by over 50 regulators globally and work within a network of carefully selected banking partners. So whether you are sending money to friends and family abroad, or doing business across borders, OFX can get your money where it needs to go. Fast, simple, secure.

    Learn more about OFX

    Using OFX for money transfers offers the benefit of lower fees and competitive exchange rates compared to traditional banks, making international transactions more cost-effective.

    Additionally, OFX provides 24/7 customer support, a range of transfer options including spot and forward contracts, and a user-friendly online platform, enhancing convenience and flexibility for global financial transactions.

    What Savings Can I Expect with OFX?

    OFX offers exchange rates that beat the banks, and are close or equal to the rates offered by the industry’s lowest-cost services.

    When you register via our OFX 0.5% exclusive offer for BER users 🏷 the cost of sending, for example, 5,000 US dollars to Australia equates to 0.5 percent of the transferred amount, or roughly US$25. You’d pay the same 0.5 percent for the same amount to be sent to Europe and around 1 percent if sending to India. This compares with 4–7 percent with the banks.

    For other currency routes we looked at (routes involving AUD, INR, GBP, EUR, SGD and USD), the average cost of an international payment with OFX was 0.6 percent of the transferred amount. This is exceptional if compared with banks but can be a little more expensive than what is charged by the industry’s lowest-cost services, although such services do not offer the same benefits and customer service as OFX.

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    OFX money-saving exchange rates

    OFX is a very competitive foreign exchange provider for US based customers to use to move your money from one currency/country to another.

    OFX charge only a small (bank-beating) margin from the market mid-rate. If you register to be an OFX customer via the OFX 0.5% exclusive offer for BER users 🏷 you’ll receive even better savings than when you register directly.

    OFX Commonly Asked Questions

    Is OFX safe?

    Yes they are. OFX is an ASX listed company and is monitored by over 50 regulators globally.

    OFX believes everyone deserves peace of mind when moving money globally, so maintaining and improving systems that help protect their clients' money is crucially important to them. OFX is committed to researching, developing and adopting leading digital security technologies to provide their clients with a safe and secure money transfer service.

    OFX’s fraud system utilises a multi-layered approach. It monitors registrations, logins, and transactions to identify any suspicious activity, and also detects and prevents fraudulent apps that can target the platform and customers.

    Passwords, security questions, and automatic time-outs help to keep customers’ identities and accounts protected from bad actors, and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption creates a secure connection with customers’ browsers to protect personal information from being intercepted.

    How long does it take?

    OFX's global network of banking partners enables them to move your money efficiently, through some of the fastest payment schemes available globally.

    OFX processes most major currency transfers within 1-2 business days from the time funds are received. Exotic currencies may take a little longer, but OFX keeps their clients updated along the way with email notifications when funds are received and paid out to the recipient.

    You can also opt-in for SMS updates or even track your transfer with OFX by logging in online or on the OFX app.


    Great OFX Services for Online Sellers

    OFX is an Amazon Payment Services Provider. Also receive payments from Afterpay, Klarna, Zip and more. You can collect your online seller global revenues in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD and HKD. Click here to find out more.

    • Minimum transfer amount apply. Please note that the receiving bank or intermediary bank may charge fees on transactions.

    Cheap & Easy Tax Payments to the ATO

    Paying the Australian Tax Office from overseas is easy with OFX. OFX has a connected payment service with the ATO meaning payments can now be paid in multiple currencies and reconciled directly using the ATO’s unique “PRN” (Payment reference Number) straight from the OFX platform.

    You no longer have to transfer money back to your Australian bank account, or pay with your credit card, saving money on FX fees and gaining extra convenience. Read more about OFX ATO Tax Payments.

    OFX Pros

    • Great rates: Preferential exchange rates and $0 OFX fees on FX transfers
    • OFXpert support: Talk to an OFXpert 24/7 day and night
    • Global reach: Make transfers in 50+ currencies to over 170 countries
    • Peace of mind: OFX is monitored by over 50 regulators globally
    • Cashflow certainty: Fix FX rates for up to 12 months and transfer later
    • Streamlined digital platform: Make and track your global money transfers online or with the OFX app.
    • Long Standing company with vast FX experience
    • FX forwards, bulk and recurring payments
    • Member of Amazon Payment Services Provider Program
    • OFX Global Currency Account for Business with Xero integration

    OFX Cons

    • Transfers to bank accounts only
    • Higher minimum transfer sizes than some providers (150USD or local currency equivalent)

    What Do Users Think of OFX?

    At the time of writing this review thousands of Trustpilot reviewers had rewarded OFX a 5-star rating, and that should speak volumes. As you’d expect from any top firm in the payments industry, common themes within reviews relate to: “great exchange rates,” “excellent service,” “better than the banks,” “quick service” and “easy to get hold of,” among others.

    You can read what our BER users think about their experience OFX International Money Transfer service in our User Forums in the article OFX User Reviews.

    Please also share your own questions and insights that can help guide and inspire others in our community.

    OFX Rate Calculator

    Note the margin in the below tool is compared to the current mid-rate for the selected currency pair. You can compare OFX rates change the currencies and send or receive amount with our full OFX Foreign Transfer calculator. This shows you how much you could save on your next foreign transfer by using a broker such as OFX rather than your bank.



    IMPORTANT: BestExchangeRates users, you can get $0 OFX fees* on all FX transfers when you sign up through our partner page.

    Be aware that transferred funds might be subject to a third-party bank receiving fee. Such fees are entirely out of OFX’s control and OFX receives no part of them. You can phone OFX’s support line to seek further information on third-party fees.

    *Minimum transfer size USD $150 or equivalent. Please note that the receiving bank or intermediary bank may charge fees on transactions. There are zero OFX fees on transactions.


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