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    ETH to USD Exchange Rates

    We review Etherium to US dollar latest & historic FX rates along with recent ETH/USD Trend and Alerts.

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    1 ETH = 2468.9 USD
    Ξ1,000 ETH = $2,468,917 USD
    ETH to USD at 2440 has fallen 3.7% below its 90-day average, range 1771-4115.
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    Etherium to US dollar - Recent Trend

    ETH to USD at 2440 has fallen 3.7% below its 90-day average, range 1771-4115.
    ETH to USD Interbank mid-market We compare bank & FX provider rates to these wholesale mid-market rates. Read more rate

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    ETH - USD - Forecasts & News

    Last week saw the US Dollar slowly but surely grind its way higher against all its Rivals. USD Forecasts

    2018 was the year that the cryptocurrency dream came crashing down. The bubble that many had suspected was building in 2017 was realised and ethereum went on to lose roughly 80 percent of its value. Ethereum ended the year at $136, having battled with major obstacles including regulatory crackdowns and social media advertising bans.

    In the first 2 ½ months of 2019, ethereum at least held its value, trading between $100 and $170.

    In 2019, on balance, press was still mostly negative on cryptocurrencies. This press included the bankruptcy in February of Canada’s largest crypto exchange, QuadrigaCX, and March’s decision by the CBOE (a major US derivatives exchange) to ditch bitcoin futures contracts amid declining interest.

    Because the release of the CBOE’s futures contracts coincided with the crypto market top in December ’17–January ’18, superstitious folk said in March they were anticipating the emergence of a new bull market.

    An Investment Week expert said in February that ethereum predictions were now “pointless.”


    What is a good ETH to USD exchange rate?

    This is always a difficult question as exchange rates are influenced by many factors, so a good method to consider the Etherium vs US dollar current value is to look the ETH/USD historic rate and change over a range of periods.

    The following table looks at the change in the ETH to USD exchange rate over periods from the previous week back to the last 10 years.

    23 Jul 2021
    14.9% 1 Week
    30 Jun 2021
    7.3% 30 Days
    01 May 2021
    17.3% 90 Days
    30 Jul 2020
    628.3% 1 Year
    31 Jul 2016
    20765.4% 5 Years

    ETH/USD rate change to 30-Jul-2021 → 2439.92


    Will the Etherium rise against the US dollar?

    It is almost impossible to predict what an exchange rate will do in the future, the best approach is to monitor the currency markets and transact when an exchange rate moves in your favour.

    To help with this you can add ETH/USD to your BestExchangeRates My Rates Watchlist to track and benefit from currency movements.


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    Rather than requiring you to set a target rate, our FX Alerts work differently.

    Once you add a currency pair for tracking in your watchlist we can select to be notified daily for any UP DOWN HIGH LOW alerts over a range of periods over the recent 90 days.


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