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    Flag of Bouvet Island

    Currency in Bouvet Island – Norwegian krone NOK

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide to Bouvet Island


    What currency is used in Bouvet Island?

    The official currency of Bouvet Island is the Norwegian krone, with symbol kr and currency code NOK.


    Things to know about the Norwegian krone


    What the Norwegian krone looks like?




    Norwegian krone – Markets & Rates

    1 USD = 10.88 NOK
    Sell USD  →  Buy NOK
    USD to NOK at 10.88 is 8.7% above its 90-day average 10.01 with range 9.5243-10.88.

    16 Sep 2022
    6.9% 2 Week
    02 Jul 2022
    9.5% 3 Month
    30 Sep 2021
    24.3% 1 Year
    01 Oct 2017
    36.6% 5 Year
    02 Oct 2012
    91% 10 Year
    05 Oct 2002
    46.9% 20 Year
    USD/NOK historic rates & change to 30-Sep-2022



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    Travelling to Bouvet Island

    Bouvet Island, a dependent Norwegian territory, is the most remote island in the world rising sharply from the freezing waters of the Pacific. It was discovered in 1739 by a French naval officer and later claimed by the British to be finally waived in favor of Norway. It’s barely 50 square kilometers in area with 93 % of it covered by glaciers. The center of the island is occupied by an ice-filled crater of an inactive volcano and according to some data there is a lake of molten lava filling the caldera. The landscape is definitely not welcoming unless you are not put off by heaps of snow and ice formations but it surely is a dramatic one.

    There is no standard telephone connection, no postal code or distribution.

    As there are no ports or harbors, only offshore anchorages, the island is not easy to reach. The best way to access is by ship or helicopter but mind you, only if you are not denied permission. The island and adjacent territorial waters are a designated nature reserve so you might find it quite difficult to get there if your only purpose of visiting is mere tourism.


    The Norwegian krone is also the domestic currency in 2 other countries.



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