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    GBP to USD Forecasts

    The GBP to USD exchange rate has been and remains one of the most interesting currency pairs to forecast. The GBP/USD can be affected by a number of factors and this makes it a volatile exchange rate at times.

    Updated: May 16, 2022  

    1 GBP = 1.2505 USD
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    GBP to USD at 1.2508 is 3.2% below its 90-day average 1.292 with range 1.2197-1.3602.
      1 USD = 0.7997 GBP

    In mid May the GBP/USD exchange rate dropped below 1.22 after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates combined with the continuing impact of the Ukraine war on commodity prices.

    The UK central bank raised rates by 25bps contrasting with the rate hike of 50bps by the US Federal Reserve. In conclusion, the BoE’s (UK bank) gloomy economic forecasts increased pressure on Sterling.

    06 May 2022
    1.2% 2 Week
    19 Feb 2022
    8.1% 3 Month
    20 May 2021
    12% 1 Year
    21 May 2017
    4% 5 Year
    22 May 2012
    20.8% 10 Year
    25 May 2002
    14.1% 20 Year
    GBP/USD change over periods to 20-May-2022


    Pound and US Dollar Outlooks

    The pound hit a 3-Year LOW in mid May near 1.22 against the greenback (1 USD = 0.81 GBP) — on the bleak outlook for the UK economy and after the Federal Reserve started its long anticipated increase of interest rates.

    Also hanging over the head of the pound is the thread of a EU-UK trade war over Brexit.

     GBP Outlook

    The US Dollar has proven itself to be a safe haven amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict as investors seek refuge from the uncertainty.

     USD Outlook


    What is a good GBP to USD exchange rate?

    Whether the US dollar will rise or drop in the future against the pound is a difficult question and the answer really depends on many factors. The best way to consider the current GBP-USD relative value is to check the change in the exchange over a range of periods to the present day. The above table does this for periods going back 20 years.

    The best way to get a good GBP/USD exchange rate is to compare bank and FX providers.

    The FX providers below are among the best in the industry. They have an extensive range of offerings, including advice, online tools to help with your exchange rates, and low or even zero fees.

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