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    USD to JPY Forecasts

    USD/JPY forecasts change all the time, affected by news events and relative sentiment towards the US and Japanese economies and this exchange rate is even more volatile than usual because of the uncertainties around the Coranavirus pandemic.

    Updated: Oct 09, 2021  

    1 USD = 114.69 JPY
    Sell USD  →  Buy JPY
    USD to JPY at 114.6 is just above average of its 90-day range 112.8-116.1.

    Yen Outlook

    In September, the JPY traded within recent ranges of 109 – 111 JPY until the last week of the month.

    Continued market volatility could support a lower USDJPY in October and the expectation that potential Prime Minister Kishida will maintain current monetary policy could also pressure the yen lower.

    USD/JPY wasChangePeriod
    04 Jan 2022
    1.3% 2 Weeks
    20 Oct 2021
    0.2% 90 Days
    18 Jan 2021
    10.5% 1 Year
    19 Jan 2017
    0.3% 5 Years
    21 Jan 2012
    48.7% 10 Years
    23 Jan 2002
    14.6% 20 Years
    USD/JPY change over periods to 18-Jan-2022


    USD/JPY Market News

    OFX see the JPY pivoting around the 109/110 to $1USD levels, until we see a sustained spike in volatility or the confirmation of a change in risk sentiment, which will test again the safe-haven status of the Yen.

    July 2nd – USD/JPY rose above 111¥ – its highest level in over two years.

    Japanese Yen Forecasts

    Being a safe-haven currency JPY always enjoys a drop when risk sentiment improves, which typically means losses for JPY against other major currencies.

    JPY Outlook

    The USD to JPY currency pair generally goes up whenever there is overall Dollar strength and market’s in a risk-on stance.

    The foreign exchange market convention for USD/JPY is to quote Japanese yen as Yen per US dollar. Thus a higher USD/JPY rate actually means one yen is worth less, that is you can buy more yen for 1 USD.

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