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AUD to BDT - Rate Guide

Australian Dollar to Bangladeshi Taka exchange rates aren't all the same.

The total cost you are charged by your bank or foreign exchange provider consists of a margin from the interbank mid-rate plus fees. These margins and fees vary significantly for International Money Transfers and Travel Money transactions as shown below.


AUD/BDT update & alerts

1 AUD = 58.1 BDT

At 58.1 AUD/BDT is trading well above its 90 day average 57.5 with range 59.52 to 55.93. ALERT: AUD/BDT has risen to a 60-DAY HIGH. Updated: 08:00-AEDT 22:00-BST 17:00-EDT

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AUD/BDT Exchange Rates and Providers Compared

This guide to the Australian Dollar to Bangladeshi Taka exchange rate with 90-day chart & alerts, historic rates, forecasts and AUD to BDT comparison tables for foreign transfers and travel money rates and fees on offer by banks and foreign exchange providers. Calculate amounts and rate margins with the AUD/BDT Calculator.

AUD / BDT converter & margin calculator


Compare how much you can save on AUD/BDT exchange rates for:

Foreign Transfers Travel Money

Foreign Transfers Travel Money

Australian Dollar

Bangladeshi Taka

1 AUD 58.10 BDT
5 AUD 290.50 BDT
10 AUD 581.00 BDT
20 AUD 1,162.00 BDT
50 AUD 2,905.00 BDT
100 AUD 5,810.00 BDT
250 AUD 14,525.00 BDT
500 AUD 29,050.00 BDT
1,000 AUD 58,100.00 BDT
2,000 AUD 116,200.00 BDT
5,000 AUD 290,500.00 BDT
10,000 AUD 581,000.00 BDT
50,000 AUD 2,905,000.00 BDT
100,000 AUD 5,810,000.00 BDT
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Australian Dollar

Bangladeshi Taka

0.0172 AUD 1 BDT
0.0861 AUD 5 BDT
0.1721 AUD 10 BDT
0.3442 AUD 20 BDT
0.8606 AUD 50 BDT
1.7211 AUD 100 BDT
4.3028 AUD 250 BDT
8.6055 AUD 500 BDT
17.21 AUD 1,000 BDT
34.42 AUD 2,000 BDT
86.06 AUD 5,000 BDT
172.11 AUD 10,000 BDT
860.55 AUD 50,000 BDT
1,721.10 AUD 100,000 BDT
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AUD/BDT - Historical Trends

This table shows historic rates and trends of Australian Dollar to Bangladeshi Taka over periods upto 10 years.

1 Day+0.6%57.758217 Oct 2019
7 Day+1%57.540411 Oct 2019
30 Day+0.8%57.660418 Sep 2019
3 Month-2.4%59.504420 Jul 2019
1 Year-3.4%60.176818 Oct 2018
5 Year-14.3%67.771219 Oct 2014
10 Year-8.7%63.647820 Oct 2009

*For period to 18-Oct 21UTC when AUD/BDT was 58.1040

You can use our AUD interactive charts to check AUDBDT historic trends.

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AUD and BDT in the Markets

When determining the best time to make a foreign exchange transaction, in this case the AUD vs BDT, you should pay attention to the recent market trends for both currencies.

Australian Dollar (AUD)

The RBA dropped interest rates 25 basis points to a record 0.75% on Oct 1 with the Aussie responding with a drop below US67 cents. Investors have sold AUD in recent months as they’ve bet on aggressive interest-rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of Australia. These bets paid off: the RBA cut its cash rate in both June and July to a record low of 1 percent.

Lower borrowing costs are necessary, investors believe, in light of persistently soft domestic data and the fallout from a US-China trade standoff that shows no sign of nearing an end.

AUD will continue to track changes in interest-rate expectations. Economists expect at least one further cut this year and many expect two by early 2020. After July's cut, the RBA hinted it would leave rates unchanged for several months.

Interestingly, AUD has decoupled from commodity prices in 2019. The price of iron ore (Australia’s largest export) nears multi-year highs while AUD languishes.

Further RBA interest rate cuts this year are now a certainty, and that doesn’t bode well for currency valuations. Westpac has predicted three cuts this year.

Read more in the article AUD Forecasts.


Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

No recent Bangladeshi Taka market updates.

Why can't I just get the AUD/BDT market rate I see online or in the media?

The mid-rate is the rate you will see quoted online or the news. It is actually just the half-way point (hence mid-rate) between the last rate at which the AUD / BDT was traded (bought or sold) in the international markets.

All foreign exchange providers charge a fee for providing their service and this fee is usually contained within the exchange rate margin (or difference to the mid-rate). Some providers such as Transferwise will quote you the mid-rate (or close to) and charge a separate percentage fee.

Getting a good market rate is mainly about timing however the transaction margin you end up being charged can be considerably reduced by around a few percent (of total amount being exchanged) for travel money and possibly over 5% to 6% when sending money. The exact potential savings depends on the currencies being exchanged and the amount you are transferring and if you are willing to shop around.

Our real-time foreign transfer and travel money/cards comparison calculators make shopping around easy and help you calculate how much you can save.

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