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Canadian Dollar - Travel Money Saving Tips

Accessing ATMs and banks is not a problem in Canada with any major credit card.

Getting around by train is a popular way of travel in Canada as it is a big place. Booking a sleeper car can be comfortable for long distance overnight stretches. VIA Rail Canrailpass gives you 12 days of unlimited rail travel in Canada during a 30-day period, check VIA Rail's website for current prices. Bus travel in Canada is an economic and comfortable way to travel, Canada's system of intercity bus routes spans the entire country. Some cities also offer flexible transit passes so you can have unlimited all-day, multi-day, or monthly travel.

Also see our full Foreign Exchange Guide to Canada for more money saving tools and information on Canadian Dollar Transfers and Travel Money.


Watchlist (Popular AUD Rates)

Exchange rates are volatile and can move considerably on a daily basis. Setting up a watchlist will help you decide the best time to make a foreign exchange transaction. These daily alerts can notify you either when the interbank exchange rate make large UP/DOWN moves or when rates reach a HIGH/LOW for periods up to 90-days.


ALERTS: 1-DAY UP 1.5% | 14-DAY HIGH |
At 0.6853 AUD/USD is trading above its 90-DAY average 0.6809 with HIGH-LOW 0.7075-0.6704. ALERTS: Today AUD/USD is UP 1.5% and has also risen to a 14-DAY HIGH. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

ALERT: 14-DAY DOWN 3.2% |
At 0.5278 AUD/GBP is trading well below its 90-DAY average 0.5526 with HIGH-LOW 0.5656-0.5268. ALERT: AUD/GBP is DOWN 3.2% this 14-DAY period. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

At 0.6134 AUD/EUR was trading near its 90-DAY average 0.6148 with HIGH-LOW 0.6282-0.6009. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

At 1.0736 AUD/NZD is trading well above its 90-DAY average 1.0614 with HIGH-LOW 1.082-1.0348. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

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