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Euro - Travel Money Saving Tips

When arriving at any new destination for first time visitors it can't hurt to stop by the Tourist Point to get any free maps, discounts, and cost free events. Most decent hotels have free WiFi so try using this to avoid any surprise Roaming fees on your phone when you get back home. ATM and credit card use varies greatly between countries so purchasing a prepaid Travel Card before leaving for your travels can save time and hassle.

If you would like to travel by train and can book a fare way in advance you can save money by getting a pass for Europe's extensive train system that goes pretty much everywhere. You can check prices at sites like RailEurope. To save a lot of travel time and money you can book a sleeper cabin on an overnight train. While travelling across Europe by bus used to be uncomfortable there are now low cost luxury buses available. And now to save even more time at your locations instead of travelling to them, costs for flights have greatly reduced in recent years making it a very affordable and very fast way to get around. Depends on your preference.

For more travel tips and ideas on ways to save money when traveling in the Eurozone read our EU Travel guide

Also see our full Foreign Exchange Guide to the Eurozone for more money saving tools and information on Euro Transfers and Travel Money.


Watchlist (Popular AUD Rates)

Exchange rates are volatile and can move considerably on a daily basis. Setting up a watchlist will help you decide the best time to make a foreign exchange transaction. These daily alerts can notify you either when the interbank exchange rate make large UP/DOWN moves or when rates reach a HIGH/LOW for periods up to 90-days.


At 0.6854 AUD/USD is trading above its 90 day average 0.6803 with period range 0.6704 to 0.7042. ALERT: AUD/USD has risen to a 30-DAY HIGH. Updated: 16:51-AEDT 06:51-BST 01:51-EDT

ALERT: 14-DAY DOWN 3.8% |
At 0.528 AUD/GBP is trading well below its 90 day average 0.5515 with period range 0.5268 to 0.5656. ALERT: AUD/GBP is DOWN 3.8% this 14-DAY period. Updated: 16:51-AEDT 06:51-BST 01:51-EDT

At 0.6137 AUD/EUR was trading near its 90 day average with period range 0.6009 to 0.6282. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 16:51-AEDT 06:51-BST 01:51-EDT

At 1.0735 AUD/NZD is trading well above its 90 day average 1.0624 with period range 1.0348 to 1.082. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 16:51-AEDT 06:51-BST 01:51-EDT

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