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British Pound Sterling - Travel Money Saving Tips

England is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Be sure to get out of London as England's smaller cities and beautiful country villages are fascinating and boast a robust culture. England is not known as a budget location and if you don't keep an eye on your budget it can be expensive.

ATMs are everywhere and all major credit cards are accepted  though you could purchase a Prepaid Travel Card if you prefer not to carry your credit card with you all the time while travelling.

In the United Kingdom, the National Rail service is known to always expensive, no matter how long your trip is. Depending how worried you are about your budget, by booking your ticket with the National Rail over a week in advance and during off peak hours, you can secure you tickets for for up to 50% less.

For more travel tips and ideas on ways to save money when traveling in the United Kingdom read our UK Travel guide.

Is the Euro accepted in the UK?

The United Kingdom does not currently use the euro as its currency and it is extremely unlikely to replace the pound in the near future. You may find some shops that will accept the Euro but watch out for the EUR/GBP exchange rates they offer.

Also see our full Foreign Exchange Guide to the United Kingdom for more money saving tools and information on British Pound Sterling Transfers and Travel Money.


Watchlist (Popular AUD Rates)

Exchange rates are volatile and can move considerably on a daily basis. Setting up a watchlist will help you decide the best time to make a foreign exchange transaction. These daily alerts can notify you either when the interbank exchange rate make large UP/DOWN moves or when rates reach a HIGH/LOW for periods up to 90-days.


At 0.6854 AUD/USD is trading above its 90 day average 0.6803 with period range 0.6704 to 0.7042. ALERT: AUD/USD has risen to a 30-DAY HIGH. Updated: 22:31-AEDT 12:31-BST 07:31-EDT

ALERT: 14-DAY DOWN 3.8% |
At 0.528 AUD/GBP is trading well below its 90 day average 0.5515 with period range 0.5268 to 0.5656. ALERT: AUD/GBP is DOWN 3.8% this 14-DAY period. Updated: 22:31-AEDT 12:31-BST 07:31-EDT

At 0.6139 AUD/EUR was trading near its 90 day average with period range 0.6009 to 0.6282. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 22:31-AEDT 12:31-BST 07:31-EDT

At 1.0735 AUD/NZD is trading well above its 90 day average 1.0624 with period range 1.0348 to 1.082. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 22:31-AEDT 12:31-BST 07:31-EDT

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