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Nepalese Rupee - Travel Money Saving Tips

Nepal might be my favourite place, lovely people, stunning ancient cities, and of course the Himalayas. Do not trek alone, there are frequent changes to the paths due to avalanches and some can be risky. If you hear mule bells on a high path hug the wall. The mules coming will push everything out of their way and you want to be on the good side of that. Avoid water that is not bottled or boiled. Avoid raw vegetables and pre-cut fruit as much as possible.

Do not give money to beggars that you see on the streets. Even though they look pitiful, your giving away of money that will probably go to someone else.  Be sure to exchange back all the Nepalese currencies before you leave. They are not accepted (or even exchanged for that matter) outside of Nepal.

Do not fully rely on schedules and times that are committed to you whether in verbal or written while you are in Nepal . They may not commence in time as stated or committed and may end up disrupting all your subsequent schedule. Have time buffer as much as you can between your major plans and activities, especially if you have a hard stop date that you need to fly out by. You can get a visa for Nepal on arrival at the airport, if you are planning to apply for the Visa at the airport, make sure to have passport size photo available. Plan B is to have your photo taken at the booth at the airport.

Also see our full Foreign Exchange Guide to Nepal for more money saving tools and information on Nepalese Rupee Transfers and Travel Money.


Watchlist (Popular AUD Rates)

Exchange rates are volatile and can move considerably on a daily basis. Setting up a watchlist will help you decide the best time to make a foreign exchange transaction. These daily alerts can notify you either when the interbank exchange rate make large UP/DOWN moves or when rates reach a HIGH/LOW for periods up to 90-days.


ALERTS: 1-DAY UP 1.5% | 14-DAY HIGH |
At 0.6853 AUD/USD is trading above its 90-DAY average 0.6809 with HIGH-LOW 0.7075-0.6704. ALERTS: Today AUD/USD is UP 1.5% and has also risen to a 14-DAY HIGH. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

ALERT: 14-DAY DOWN 3.2% |
At 0.5278 AUD/GBP is trading well below its 90-DAY average 0.5526 with HIGH-LOW 0.5656-0.5268. ALERT: AUD/GBP is DOWN 3.2% this 14-DAY period. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

At 0.6134 AUD/EUR was trading near its 90-DAY average 0.6148 with HIGH-LOW 0.6282-0.6009. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

At 1.0736 AUD/NZD is trading well above its 90-DAY average 1.0614 with HIGH-LOW 1.082-1.0348. There are currently no alerts. Updated: 14:08-AEDT 04:08-BST 23:08-EDT

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