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This travel money calculator compares currency exchange rates for buying Euro foreign cash or purchases and withdrawals made with travel cards. Alternatively, you can compare CAD to EUR foreign transfer exchange rates or use our quick and easy CAD to EUR currency converter instead.

Currency news and forecasts for Canadian Dollar and Euro

Whenever you are researching a particular exchange rate you are actually interested in two currencies as the value of a currency must always be quoted relative to a second currency.

So it follows that if you are determining the best time to transact, in this case the CAD vs EUR, you should pay attention to both Canadian Dollar and Euro news and forecasts.

Canadian Dollar (CAD) - Market news and forecasts

5-December-18: In early December, the Canadian dollar traded at C$1.34 per USD — its weakest level in 18 months. It did so after traders revised down their expectations for future Canadian interest rate hikes following a dovish Bank of Canada meeting.

Also not helping the loonie in late 2018 has been the oil price which, by the time of this report, had slumped 30 percent from 2018 highs. Oil is Canada’s largest export.

In December, several FX analysts expressed a belief that inevitable OPEC production cuts will create a rebound in the oil market, which will drive the Canadian dollar higher throughout 2019.

Risks to the Canadian dollar include, of course, oil, and the return of global trade tensions. Tensions eased in early December when US and Chinese leaders agreed to suspend tariff increases for 3 months.

Also in December, Citibank offered a “long-term” (>18 months) forecast for USD/CAD of 1.2, representing potential CAD appreciation of 12 percent.

Euro (EUR) - Market news and forecasts

The euro is heading higher, experts said in November.

Increasingly, complications over Brexit are seen to be a UK problem; less so for the euro area.

With this in mind, and despite disappointing economic data of late, Citibank is confident of a long-term move in EUR/USD to $1.3, from $1.139 at the time of this report (November-21). “Underpinned by the less accommodative policies of the ECB,” the euro will most likely achieve this target, which represents a 14 percent gain, before the end of 2019, Citi has said.

Relative to the pound, the euro had recovered in the days leading up to this report into the £0.89s, from the mid-£0.86s. With political turmoil in the UK, there is room for the exchange rate to reach £0.92 in the months ahead, a Nordea Markets analyst believes. A return to £0.92 would take EUR/GBP back to levels not seen since September 2017.

For EUR/CHF, which averaged Fr1.137 in the weeks leading up to this report, a 5.5 percent rise to Fr1.2 is due sometime within the next 6-12 months, per analysts at Danske Bank.

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