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Hungarian Forint - Travel Money Saving Tips

Hungary is still considered to be a really good value travel destination. You can still get by on a shoestring budget staying in a dorm, having a meal, and doing an excursion each day. That doesn't mean to say there's nothing there for the more well-heeled traveller, Budapest has boutique hotels, fine dining restaurants, cafes and bars, plus the famous thermal baths sprinkled around the city.

The official currency is the Forint (Ft), and its still possible to get by on daily budget of 12,000ft, which is significantly less than one could get by on in western Europe.

Credit cards are widely accepted in the capital but as always, carry some cash or a travel card especially if you are travelling outside of Budapest. Euros are generally accepted but stay aware of the exchange rate as it is unlikely that you will be getting a good rate when you spend Euros.

At present, you can not preload hungarian forint onto a travel card, but you can pre-load with Euros and spend Euros. Be aware, dynamic currency conversion will occur when you make a purchase or withdrawal in Euros, and often this will cost more. The upside is you will know exactly what you will be paying at the time of purchase.

Also see our full Foreign Exchange Guide to Hungary for more money saving tools and information on Hungarian Forint Transfers and Travel Money.


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