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    Mexican peso Exchange Update, Chart & History

    MXN Markets Update - Our review of Mexican peso Forecasts and News plus Charts and Historic Rates. Check MXN Trends over various time periods.


    Mexican peso (MXN) Market Update

    The Mexican peso (MXN) continues to capture the attention and admiration of the market, showcasing impressive year-to-date total returns against major currencies such as the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The currency's strength, fueled by factors like its ties to the oil market and the resilience of cash remittances from the US, has allowed it to outperform its peers. FX analysts note that the robust performance of the peso may provide room for Banxico, Mexico's central bank, to implement a series of rate cuts in the near future.

    Recent price data indicates that the MXN to USD pair is trading near 30-day highs, showing a slight increase above its 3-month average. Similarly, MXN to EUR and MXN to GBP pairs are hovering around their respective 3-month averages, with relatively stable trading ranges. The MXN to JPY pair has displayed a modest increase above its 3-month average, highlighting the peso's resilience in the face of market uncertainties. As Mexico gears up for upcoming elections amidst growing political tension, the dynamics of the peso's value may undergo further shifts, influenced by both domestic and international economic factors.


    US dollar to Mexican peso - USD/MXN Trend

    USD to MXN is at 30-day lows near 16.56, 1.5% below its 3-month average of 16.82, having traded in a quite stable 5.4% range from 16.32 to 17.20
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