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The Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar has dropped close to 6 percent already this year sliding towards US66 cents down to an eleven-year low.

Growing fears of the coronavirus outbreak has moved the market into safer currencies such as the USD and away from AUD, NZD and CAD.

The virus was a double blow to the Aussie after the earlier threat of proxy war between the US and Iran in Iraq had also pared back some of the gains the Aussie had made coming into the New Year.

The Australian dollar had started the new decade strongly climbing to multi-month highs helped along by cooling trade tensions between the United States and China and optimism for global economic growth in the year ahead.

The Aussie broke back over US70 cents on the final day of 2019 — a level not seen since mid year.

During December the Australian dollar reversed direction (again) and climbed steadily back up against the US dollar on the back of the strength of the housing market and a market perception that further interest rate cuts were less likely.

AU flag US flag
AUD / USD – 90 Day Trend
Sell AUD – Buy USD
AUD/USD at 0.6628 was trading 2.8% below the 90-day average 0.6822 with a range 0.6617 to 0.7017. There are no current rate alerts.
22-Feb 7AM-NY 12PM-LON | 22-Feb 11PM-SYD

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AU flag UK flag
AUD / GBP – 90 Day Trend
Sell AUD – Buy GBP
AUD/GBP at 0.5113 was trading 2.4% below the 90-day average 0.5238 with a range 0.5069 to 0.5364. ALERT: AUD/GBP has dropped to 14-DAY LOWS.
22-Feb 7AM-NY 12PM-LON | 22-Feb 11PM-SYD

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AU flag Eurozone flag
AUD / EUR – 90 Day Trend
Sell AUD – Buy EUR
AUD/EUR at 0.6111 was trading 1% below the 90-day average 0.6174 with a range 0.6035 to 0.6259. There are no current rate alerts.
21-Feb 5PM-NY 10PM-LON | 22-Feb 9AM-SYD

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AU flag NZ flag
AUD / NZD – 90 Day Trend
Sell AUD – Buy NZD
AUD/NZD at 1.0439 was trading near the 90-day average 1.0462 with a range 1.0321 to 1.0834. There are no current rate alerts.
22-Feb 7AM-NY 12PM-LON | 22-Feb 11PM-SYD

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Currency News

Coronavirus spread fears linger – USD strong – AUD at 11 year lows

This week the US Dollar was touching three-year highs when valued against a basket of major currencies. The greenback’s traditional role as one of the safe-haven currencies is helped by a domestic economy that is largely immune to the threats of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus unnerves currency markets

The strong start to the year for “risk-on” currencies is already a distant memory.

New Year Optimism Retreats on US/Iran Tension

The threat of a proxy war between the US and Iran in Iraq has pared back some of the recent gains of “risk-on” currencies.


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