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    TD Bank Send Money to United States from Canada CAD/USD

    You can save plenty by searching for better exchange rates when sending money to the United States from Canada. Compare TD Bank rates - Save on loonie→dollar transfers.

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    How to Save on TD Bank CAD to USD Money Transfers

    In the above table we compare TD Bank CAD to USD exchange rates to other well established, regulated FX providers and banks to help you save when sending money or making an international payment from Canada to United States.

    The FX providers listed above can help you with the whole process, provide useful advice, online tools and most importantly bank-beating exchange rates & low or zero fees.


    TD Bank Exchange Rates at a glance

    TD Bank offer competitive exchange rates on over 50 foreign currencies for travel money and transfers via their online internet banking at their branches.

    As usual non-cash rates for transfers are better than Travel Money (Cash) Rates. This reflects the costs and risks associated with shipping, handling and holding foreign currency in cash.

    TD Bank publish their CAD and USD exchange rates here. These Non-Cash rates are available to TD bank clients only and apply to the conversion of paper and electronic instruments such as wire transfers, cheques, drafts, etc.

    The table below shows recently quoted TD Bank CAD exchange rates with the percentage of margin being charged from the market mid-rate when they were published.

    TD Bank Exchange Rates (% margins to midrate)

    Note that the above carded rates from TD Bank do not include any special BER deals that we have negotiated with some providers. To find these deals you can use the above exchange rate comparison tool.


    Forecasts for CAD to USD


    According to recent exchange rate analyst forecasts and currency market updates, the Canadian dollar (CAD) has been facing challenges against the US dollar (USD) due to the risk-on and risk-off environments in financial markets. The performance of the CAD to USD exchange rate has been driven more by market sentiment rather than the economic fundamentals of both countries, which are strongly correlated. It is important to note that CAD has been impacted by the decline in housing prices and adverse wealth effects, which may continue to exert negative pressure on the currency in 2023.


    Read our full CAD to USD forecasts analysis


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