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    Flag of Burkina Faso

    Currency in Burkina Faso – West African franc XOF

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide to Burkina Faso


    What currency is used in Burkina Faso?

    The official currency of Burkina Faso is the West African franc, with symbol and currency code XOF.


    Things to know about the West African franc


    What the West African franc looks like?




    West African franc – Markets & Rates

    1 USD = 634.69 XOF
    Sell USD  →  Buy XOF
    USD to XOF at 634.6 is just 0.6% above its 90-day average 630.6 with range 608.6-654.7.

    27 Jul 2022
    0.9% 2 Week
    12 May 2022
    0.8% 3 Month
    10 Aug 2021
    13.8% 1 Year
    11 Aug 2017
    14.8% 5 Year
    12 Aug 2012
    19.2% 10 Year
    15 Aug 2002
    5.1% 20 Year
    USD/XOF change over periods to 10-Aug-2022



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    Travelling to Burkina Faso

    Whether it’s the mud architecture of the Tiebele royal court or the grand mosque, the reserve de Nazinga wildlife park, or the stepped waterfalls, there are many worthwhile reasons to visit landlocked Burkina Faso. The currency is Communaute Financiere Africaine Francs (XOF). If you are bringing foreign currency for exchange, euros will be the safest bet . ATMs are widespread in cities and credit cards are not generally accepted. Unfortunately, at the time of writing April 2018, many countries are advising against non-essential travel to Burkina due to the high risk of terrorist attacks. The Zika virus is also considered a risk at present.


    The West African franc is also the domestic currency in 7 other countries.



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