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    Indian rupee Market Update

    BestExchangeRates.com keeps you up-to-date on Indian rupee forecasts by collating the views of reliable FX forecasters and economists together with recent 90-day INR price data. This analysis covers a wide range of factors including economic indicators, geopolitical events, central bank policies, and technical analysis to provide a thorough and current outlook on currency trends.


    The Indian rupee (INR) has been under pressure against the US dollar, in line with most currencies, as concerns over surging energy prices and the potential impact on inflation and interest rates persist. Analysts do not foresee the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) easing its monetary policy until 2024, contributing to a forecasted exchange rate range of 82-84 USD to INR. Despite facing headwinds such as elevated US Treasury yields, a weakened yuan, and higher crude oil prices, there is anticipation for a potential turnaround supported by some moderation in these factors in the future.

    Recent price data reflects the INR's performance against key currency pairs. The INR to USD pair is currently trading near 30-day highs at approximately 0.012066, slightly above its 3-month average, exhibiting stability within a 0.7% range. Conversely, the INR to EUR pair sits at 14-day lows around 0.011162, marginally higher than its 3-month average, demonstrating stability within a narrow 3.9% range. Similarly, the INR to GBP pair is at 7-day lows near 0.009557, slightly above its 3-month average, showing consistency within a 2.4% range. Lastly, the INR to JPY pair stands at 1.8096, marking a 2.8% increase from its 3-month average, with trading activity contained within a relatively stable 7.2% range. The evolving dynamics in global markets and economic factors will continue to shape the trajectory of the Indian rupee in the coming months.

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