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    Large Foreign Transfers

    Tell us about your Foreign Transfer and we'll get our FX partners to get in touch with their Best Exchange Rate quotes.

    When sending larger amounts abroad you should always check the total cost for any exchange rate you are provided by your bank. In foreign exchange the margin or cost should normally reduce the larger the amount you send. However your bank is unlikely to give you a better rate, even if you ask nicely!

    Multi-Vendor Quote

    If you are sending a larger foreign transfer (over $US50K per transaction or more than $US100K annual aggregate), enter the details to get multiple vendors competing to help you save even more.

    Request Quotes

    Save time and money – fewer websites to visit and you get a much better exchange rate & service.

    We will forward your transaction details onto our FX partners who will then get in touch via phone or email (as requested) with their best rates for your particular requirements.

    For other amounts use the below Rate Menu to view live & interactive International Money Transfer rate tables to compare available rates for the amount and then visit the best FX provider websites directly.