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HKD to MYR - Compare Exchange Rates

Hong Kong Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit - Convert Compare Save

The total cost you are charged by your foreign exchange provider consists of the margin from the mid-rate offered plus any fixed or percentage fees. These margins and fees vary significantly for International Money Transfers and Travel Money transactions as shown below.


Compare HKD/MYR Exchange Rates

The below table is a snapshot of the costs charged by FX specialists and banks for HKD/MYR International Money Transfers. Costs are calculated against the amount when HKD is converted to MYR at mid-rate.

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Foreign Transfer Providers
Ratings & Reviews
Receive MYR(RM)Exchange RateFee HKDTotal CostTransfer ServicesTransfer SpeedDeal Links
OFX logo
25,505 MYR0.51010 for BER users (normally $60)3.19%Bank Transfers - Online & Phone, Foreign Currency Accounts1-2 days
DBS Bank logo
25,240 MYR0.5053504.19%Online, Branch, Bank Transfers2-3 days
Banks - Average Rate
DBS Bank logo Citibank logo HSBC logo
24,968 MYR0.4998555.23%Online, Branch, Bank Transfers2-3 days
HSBC logo
24,890 MYR0.4986$805.52%Online, Branch, Bank Transfers2-3 days
Citibank International Money Transfers
Citibank logo
24,774 MYR0.4956125.96%Online, Branch, Bank Transfers2-3 days
WorldRemit logo
Your amount above the WorldRemit HKD2000 maximum
OFX: Foreign Transfer HKD→MYR
HKD amount:$50,000 HKD
Fee:0 for BER users (normally $60)
Exchange Rate:0.5101 (3.19% from mid-rate)
MYR amount:25,505 MYR
Total Cost:3.19%
Rate Fetched: Tue Apr 23 2019 00:17:30 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Transfer Speed:1-2 days
Services:Bank Transfers - Online & Phone, Foreign Currency Accounts
: 4.8/5.0

DBS Bank logoDBS Bank

DBS Bank: Foreign Transfer HKD→MYR
HKD amount:$50,000 HKD
Exchange Rate:0.5053 (4.1% from mid-rate)
MYR amount:25,240 MYR
Total Cost:4.19%
265 MYR less than using OFX
Time:1:07 Local
Transfer Speed:2-3 days
Services:Online, Branch, Bank Transfers
: /5.0

Banks - Average Rate

Foreign Transfer HKD→MYR
HKD amount:$50,000 HKD
Exchange Rate:0.5012 (4.88% from mid-rate)
MYR amount:24,968 MYR
Total Cost:5.23%
537 MYR less than using OFX
Transfer Speed:2-3 days
Services:Online, Branch, Bank Transfers


HSBC: Foreign Transfer HKD→MYR
HKD amount:$50,000 HKD
Fee:$80 HKD (Minimum fee)
Exchange Rate:0.4986 (5.37% from mid-rate)
MYR amount:24,890 MYR
Total Cost:5.52%
615 MYR less than using OFX
Time:1:07 Local
Transfer Speed:2-3 days
Services:Online, Branch, Bank Transfers
: /5.0

Citibank logoCitibank

Citibank: Foreign Transfer HKD→MYR
HKD amount:$50,000 HKD
Exchange Rate:0.4956 (5.94% from mid-rate)
MYR amount:24,774 MYR
Total Cost:5.96%
731 MYR less than using OFX
Time:1:07 Local
Transfer Speed:2-3 days
Services:Online, Branch, Bank Transfers
: /5.0
WorldRemit: Foreign Transfer HKD→MYR
HKD amount:$50,000 HKD
Transfer Speed:1 day
Services:Bank Transfers & Cash Pickup - Online only
: 4.5/5.0

HKD to MYR interbank exchange rate = 0.5264

Right now the HKD/MYR interbank exchange rate is 0.5264. It’s also called the mid-market rate or just the mid-rate and is the rate that banks use when trading large amounts of foreign currencies with one another.

It's the reference rate we use to calculate how much you are being charged to convert Malaysian Ringgit to Hong Kong Dollar.

This HKD/MYR Converter calculates equivalent Hong Kong Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit amounts at the market mid-rate. You can also enter your own rates to find out the percentage difference to the latest market rates you are being charged.

HKD / MYR converter & margin calculator


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HKD/MYR exchange rates for:

Foreign Transfers

1 Week HKD to MYR
Loading HKD/MYR rates

Hong Kong Dollar

Malaysian Ringgit

1 HKD 0.5264 MYR
5 HKD 2.6320 MYR
10 HKD 5.2640 MYR
20 HKD 10.53 MYR
50 HKD 26.32 MYR
100 HKD 52.64 MYR
250 HKD 131.60 MYR
500 HKD 263.20 MYR
1,000 HKD 526.40 MYR
2,000 HKD 1,052.80 MYR
5,000 HKD 2,632.00 MYR
10,000 HKD 5,264.00 MYR
50,000 HKD 26,320.00 MYR
100,000 HKD 52,640.00 MYR
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Hong Kong Dollar

Malaysian Ringgit

1.8999 HKD 1 MYR
9.4995 HKD 5 MYR
19.00 HKD 10 MYR
38.00 HKD 20 MYR
95.00 HKD 50 MYR
189.99 HKD 100 MYR
474.98 HKD 250 MYR
949.95 HKD 500 MYR
1,899.90 HKD 1,000 MYR
3,799.80 HKD 2,000 MYR
9,499.50 HKD 5,000 MYR
18,999.00 HKD 10,000 MYR
94,995.00 HKD 50,000 MYR
189,990.00 HKD 100,000 MYR
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Hong Kong Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit (HKD-MYR) - 10 Year History

The below table shows the historic variation in the HKD/MYR exchange rate over the last 10 years. The percentage change is the difference from the date shown to present. This lets you decide if the current rate is in your favour. You can also view our various charts of HKD versus other currencies : HKD historical charts.

DateExchange RatePeriod
14 Apr 20190.52471 Week
22 Mar 20190.51791 Month
23 Oct 20180.53116 Months
21 Apr 20180.49701 Year
21 Apr 20170.56582 Years
22 Apr 20140.42095 Years
23 Apr 20090.467310 Years

Why can't I just get the HKD/MYR market rate I see on Google or in the Media?

The HKD/MYR mid-rate is the rate you will see Quoted on Google or the News, nobody except the largest banks and businesses can get exchange rates close to this mid-rate. It is actually just the theoretical half-way point (hence mid-rate) between the last rate at which the HKD / MYR was traded (bought or sold) in the international markets.

Getting a good market rate is mainly about timing however the transaction margin you end up being charged can be considerably reduced by around a few percent (of total amount being exchanged) for travel money and possibly over 5% to 6% when sending money. The exact potential savings depends on the currencies being exchanged and the amount you are transferring and if you are willing to shop around.

The closer your final exchange rate is to the market HKD/MYR midrate the better deal you are getting.

Our real-time foreign transfer and travel money/cards comparison calculators make shopping around easy and help you calculate how much you can save.

The three things you need in order to get a good HKD to MYR exchange rate

  1. Know the latest HKD/MYR market mid-rate. The closer your final exchange rate is to this real market rate the better deal you are getting. You should also judge how the current rate compares to the historic rate over the past 10 years.
  2. Compare your Bank's transaction costs to several licensed FX providers, remember to compare the exchange rate margins as well as the various types of fees. We make that easy to do with our calculators for Foreign Transfers and Travel Money transactions.
  3. Review up-to-date Currency News and Forecasts for both the and currencies, if available.

Currency news and forecasts for Hong Kong Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit

Whenever you are researching a particular exchange rate you are actually interested in two currencies as the value of a currency must always be quoted relative to a second currency.

So it follows that if you are determining the best time to transact, in this case the HKD vs MYR, you should pay attention to both Hong Kong Dollar and Malaysian Ringgit news and forecasts.

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) - Market news and forecasts

On balance, the Hong Kong dollar strengthened steadily in the February-April period. By recent standards, it was particularly strong against the euro at rates near HK$8.825. It was near the weaker boundary of its US dollar trading range, at HK$7.844. Against a basket of currencies, the US dollar was up 1.5 percent on the year by April-22, implying the same year-to-date gain for HKD.

HKD’s strength comes in spite of this year’s dovish turn by the US Federal Reserve, whose actions Hong Kong’s central bank must follow. The Fed has ditched two interest rate hikes from its 2019 projections, but fortunately for holders of HKD, the rest of the world has problems too and other important central banks have also turned dovish, removing much of the incentive for selling HKD.

Based on USD research, a Bloomberg analyst warned in April of potential for a large upcoming move in HKD, up or down. Over the past quarter-century, three deep troughs in a prominent volatility index were followed by USD moves over 6-month periods worth 10-15 percent. The index in question fell in the second half of April to a 5-year low.

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) - Market news and forecasts

The period between April and November 2018 was a tough one for the ringgit, as it lost value against the dollar on a near-weekly basis. Fortunately, losses in that period only amounted to 8 percent and only took the currency to a 1-year low of RM4.2 — it could have been much worse.

Since then, the ringgit has turned a corner; in late February it was trading at RM4.06, near 6-month highs.

Among factors contributing to the ringgit’s weakness over the past year has been political uncertainty relating to Malaysia’s ruling Pakatan Harapan coalition, late-2018’s crash in oil prices, global trade tensions and higher US interest rates. There are positive factors though.

“With good GDP data and strong economic fundamentals coupled with positive external factors, I believe the ringgit can go higher to RM4.02 [per USD],” a dealer said in February.

The team at TradingEconomics.com believes the ringgit weakens to RM4.14 by year-end.