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    Revolut New Zealand dollar (NZD) Exchange Rates Compared Live

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    Revolut at a glance

    Revolut, founded in 2015, has swiftly positioned itself as one of the leading fintech companies in the world. Originally starting as a digital-only fintech offering currency exchange without hidden fees, Revolut has since expanded its range of services to include stock trading, and more. Its user-friendly mobile app and innovative features have attracted millions of users globally.

    Common Revolut questions

    Are there limits for sending a bank transfer?

    Revolut transfer limits depend on destination country and currency.

    However, most currencies have no transfer limits. Revolut will show you any exceptions in-app before you send money.

    Worried about sending a high amount?

    When you send a high amount, Revolut might need additional time to perform extra checks.

    Revolut Customer Service

    It must be said that Revolut will not please everybody on the customer service side.

    Revolut offers no phone or email support, even for business customers, which does appear to cause distress to those with serious account or transfer problems.

    Revolut’s 24/7 customer service comes in the form of an in-app chat feature (that’s text chat, not voice), for which customers report waiting times anywhere from 30 seconds to a day. Premium and Metal account holders are given customer service priority and will have shorter waiting times. Once contact with a Revolut agent is made, for most issues, the quality of service is reportedly good.

    Revolut offers two English-only automated phone lines (one a UK number, the other Australian) that can be used for little more than blocking a card or reporting one as lost or stolen. You’ll find no humans here.

    Revolut claims to support 21 languages (via the in-app chat feature) and they are hiring new support staff all the time.

    A very common complaint with Revolut is that accounts are blocked for no apparent reason. If this happens to you, know that Revolut agents “cannot share any specific information on why your account has been locked, or how long it will be until the review is over,” which Revolut says is necessary to comply with UK financial regulations. It might be that your account is up and running within an hour, but it could be several days if additional documents are required. Even if you accept that this is Revolut doing their best to battle money laundering and other crimes, this is not something you would normally experience with an offline “bank” (unless you really are a criminal) and it’s a source of frustration for many.

    As with any new business, and certainly one growing at the lightning-fast pace of Revolut, there will be teething problems; however, there is a feeling that the company is a little behind where it should be in terms of its customer service options, availability and response quality.


    Revolut is at the forefront of the fintech revolution, offering a suite of financial tools and services that cater to a digital-savvy audience. While it may not yet be able to fully replace the services and protections of traditional banks for everyone, its innovative features and user-centric approach make it a compelling choice for many, especially those with international financial needs.


    • Currency Exchange: One of Revolut's standout features is its real-time currency exchange rates with no hidden fees. This makes it particularly advantageous for frequent travelers or those who conduct business in multiple currencies.
    • Budgeting Tools: Revolut offers built-in budgeting and analytics tools, helping users track their expenses, set monthly budgets, and get insights into their spending habits.
    • Global Use: With its multi-currency support, it's great for international travelers, allowing them to spend abroad without attracting foreign transaction fees in most cases.
    • Security: The app provides advanced security features, like the ability to freeze and unfreeze your card instantly, set spending limits, or enable location-based security.


    • Customer Service: Some users have reported delays in getting responses from customer service, although this might vary based on the nature of the issue and region.
    • Limitations in Services: In certain countries, some of Revolut's advertised features might not be available due to regional regulations.
    • Fees: While Revolut offers many fee-free services, there are fees associated with certain premium features, higher-tier card memberships, and for activities that exceed their standard limits.
    • Regulation: Being a fintech and not a bank in many jurisdictions, funds held in Revolut might not enjoy the same level of protection as they would in a traditional bank.

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