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    Send Money to Australia from United States USD/AUD

    You can save plenty by searching for better exchange rates when sending money to Australia from the United States. Compare rates - Save on dollar→aussie transfers.

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    How to Save on USD to AUD Money Transfers

    In the above table we compare USD to AUD exchange rates from well established, regulated FX providers and banks to help you save when sending money or making an international payment from United States to Australia.

    The FX providers listed above can help you with the whole process, provide useful advice, online tools and most importantly bank-beating exchange rates & low or zero fees.


    Forecasts for USD to AUD


    According to recent exchange rate analyst forecasts and currency market updates, the USD to AUD exchange rate is expected to be influenced by several factors in the coming months. Economists predict that the strength of the US dollar, which has been observed over the past year, is likely to reverse in 2023 as the Federal Reserve concludes its interest rate hike cycle. This change in monetary policy could potentially weaken the USD against other major currencies, including the AUD.


    Read our full USD to AUD forecasts analysis


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