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    Flag of Bahrain

    Currency in Bahrain – Bahraini dinar BHD

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide to Bahrain

    What currency is used in Bahrain?

    The official currency of Bahrain is the Bahraini dinar, with symbol and currency code BHD.

    Things to know about the Bahraini dinar


    What the Bahraini dinar looks like?

    Bahamas Currency




    Bahraini dinar – Markets & Rates

    1 BHD = 2.6525 USD
    Sell BHD  →  Buy USD
    BHD to USD at 2.6525 is near its 90-day average 2.6521 with range 2.6369-2.6655.

    BHD/USD wasPeriod
    07 Feb 2022
    2 Weeks
    23 Nov 2021
    90 Days
    21 Feb 2021
    1 Year
    22 Feb 2017
    5 Years
    24 Feb 2012
    10 Years
    26 Feb 2002
    20 Years
    BHD/USD historic rates


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    Travelling to Bahrain

    The Bahraini Dinar (BHD) is the currency of Bahrain and is pegged to the US$ at 1US=0.376BD. Plastic is generally recommended when travelling whilst most ATMs dispense cash should you need it. Currency exchange counters are also common in the capital, Manama. Try to change all your Dinars back to your local currency before you leave (the airport is always a convenient place to do this) as currency conversion can vary drastically overseas, if they exchange it at all



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