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    Currency in Bhutan – Bhutanese ngultrum BTN

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide on sending money and travel to Bhutan



    Travelling to Bhutan

    A landlocked country in South Asia, the Kingdom of Bhutan is located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. The country shares borders with China and India. Nepal is separated from Bhutan by the Indian state of Sikkim and Bangladesh is separated from Bhutan by the Indian states of West Bengal and Assam.

    Bhutan’s unit of currency is called the Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN). Tourist can exchange traveler’s cheques or cash at the foreign exchange desk at Paro Airport and Bank of Bhutan branches in major townships such as Paro and Thimphu. As you travel into the interior, ATM and banking facilities are almost non-existent. We suggest that you do your banking whilst in Paro or Thimphu, and take local currency with you to the countryside.

    Currencies that can be exchanged include the U.S. Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Denish Kroner, Australlian Dollar and Singapore Dollar. Some hotels also provide foreign exchange services, however many of these are limited to U.S. Dollar exchanges.

    Credit cards only accepted in a very limited number of handicraft stores in Thimphu and high-end hotels.

    Limited ATM facilities are available in major townships. MasterCard and Visa international credit and debit cards can be used on these ATM’s to withdraw cash.

    You may need to show your passport when you exchange money or travelers cheques.

    Do I need a visa for Bhutan?

    Upon entering Bhutan, all foreigners are issued a 7 or 14 days “Entry Permit” by default, valid for Thimphu and Paro only. The rest of Bhutan is considered a restricted area, and foreigners need a “Restricted-Area Permit” to enter. Immigration checkpoints are located at important road junctions throughout the country, where police check the permits of all foreigners they find. In addition, foreigners wishing to visit Buddhist temples must obtain a “Temple Permit” from the Ministry of Culture.

    While these permits are typically arranged by the tour operators, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivian visitors who did not book through a licensed tour operator must apply for them in person at the Immigration office in Thimphu. The permits can also be extended at the Immigration office in Thimphu for a charge. Citizens of Bangladesh, India, and Maldives are exempt from charges on issuance and extensions of permits.

    Sending Money to Bhutan

    The below comparison table makes it easy to find the best exchange rates and lowest fees when you want to make a Transfer or Spend Bhutanese ngultrum.

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    Can foreigners buy land in Bhutan?

    A person has to be a Bhutanese citizen by birth, to buy land and own properties in Bhutan.




    Bhutanese ngultrum – Markets & Rates

    Is Indian currency accepted in Bhutan?

    A Ngultrum has the same value as the Indian rupee, the rupee is also legal in Bhutan. INR 100 & 50 Rupee denomination may be used in Bhutan, but Ngultrum cannot be used in India. Indian Rupee denomination note of INR 500, INR 1000 and INR 2000 are not accepted in Bhutan.


    1 USD = 75.06 BTN
    Sell USD  →  Buy BTN
    USD to BTN at 75.06 is 0.8% above its 90-day average, range 73.42-75.49.

    Historic USD-BTN Rates

    USD/BTN wasChangePeriod
    24 Nov 2021
    1.5% 2 Weeks
    09 Sep 2021
    2.6% 90 Days
    08 Dec 2020
    2.6% 1 Year
    09 Dec 2016
    11.7% 5 Years
    11 Dec 2011
    45.1% 10 Years
    13 Dec 2001
    57.9% 20 Years
    USD/BTN change over periods to 08-Dec-2021


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