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    Currency in Bulgaria – Bulgarian lev BGN

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide on sending money and travel to Bulgaria

    What's in this Bulgaria currency guide?

    1. Travelling to Bulgaria
    2. BGN Latest Rate
    3. BGN Charts



    Travelling to Bulgaria

    The currency is the Lev (lv) and is mostly what is used in Bulgaria so bring a card you can withdraw with on arrival.

    Public transport in Bulgaria is inexpensive but often slow and not always clean or comfortable. Travelling by bus (avtobus) is usually the quickest way of getting between major towns and cities. Generally, you can buy tickets (bileti) at the bus station (avtogara) at least an hour in advance when travelling between towns, but on some routes they’re only sold when the bus arrives. On rural routes, tickets are often sold by the driver. Taxis must be painted yellow and display their rates on the window. Otherwise it is not uncommon for drivers to claim the meter is not working and overcharge. Dishonest drivers congregate outside airports, train and bus stations and big city centres.

    Sending Money to Bulgaria

    The below comparison table makes it easy to find the best exchange rates and lowest fees when you want to make a Transfer or Spend Bulgarian lev.

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    Bulgarian lev – Markets & Rates

    1 BGN = 0.5794 USD
    Sell BGN  →  Buy USD
    BGN to USD at 0.5795 has fallen 1.8% below its 90-day average, range 0.5730-0.6049.

    Historic BGN-USD Rates

    BGN/USD wasPeriod
    18 Oct 2021
    2 Weeks
    03 Aug 2021
    90 Days
    01 Nov 2020
    1 Year
    02 Nov 2016
    5 Years
    04 Nov 2011
    10 Years
    06 Nov 2001
    20 Years
    BGN/USD historic rates


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