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    Flag of Venezuela

    Currency in Venezuela – Venezuelan bolívar VEF

    A practical foreign exchange and currency guide to Venezuela


    What currency is used in Venezuela?

    The official currency of Venezuela is the Venezuelan bolívar, with symbol Bs and currency code VEF.


    Things to know about the Venezuelan bolívar




    Venezuelan bolívar – Markets & Rates

    1 USD = 248487.6 VEF
    Sell USD  →  Buy VEF
    USD to VEF is steady at its 90-day average 248488.
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    26 Nov 2017
    5 Year
    27 Nov 2012
    10 Year
    30 Nov 2002
    20 Year
    USD/VEF historic rates



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    Travelling to Venezuela

    The Bolivarian countries are six Hispanic American countries (Bolivia, Colombia,Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela) whose republican origin is attributed to the ideals of Simón Bolívar and independence war led by the Venezuelan military in the viceroyalties of New Granada and Peru.

    The currency is the Bolivars. Debit and credit cards are widely used in Venezuela and have the advantage of removing the need to carry large amounts of cash. However, international credit cards aren’t always accepted by point of sale machines and you’ll have to enter your passport number. ATMs have extremely low limits for cash withdrawals on international cards and queues at ATMs are frequently targeted by criminals. You shouldn’t rely on ATMs as your main way to access money in Venezuela. Use official currency exchange booths only, which should change money at the higher of the two official rates (DICOM). It’s illegal to change money on the black market. There are no facilities for visitors to change bolivares to US dollars, or any other currency, when leaving Venezuela.

    Due to ongoing crime, unrest and instability throughout Venezuela the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) further advises against all but essential travel to most areas of the country. Regular large political demonstrations in Caracas have led to arrests, injuries and deaths throughout 2017. If you”re in Venezuela, you should remain vigilant and informed, avoid protests and demonstrations – which can turn violent with little warning – and keep your departure options under review.



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