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    United Arab Emirates dirham Exchange Update, Chart & History

    AED Markets Update - Our review of United Arab Emirates dirham Forecasts and News plus Charts and Historic Rates. Check AED Trends over various time periods.


    United Arab Emirates dirham (AED) Market Update

    In recent updates on the UAE dirham (AED), the currency remains stable against the US dollar due to its peg at around 3.6725 to $1 since 1997. This peg causes the AED to USD exchange rate to stay fixed, in line with other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) currencies tied to the USD. Despite this stability, the AED has shown some movements against other major currencies.

    According to FX analysts, the AED to EUR pair has reached 90-day highs near 0.2565, which is 1.9% above its 3-month average of 0.2517. Similarly, AED to GBP and AED to JPY have also hit 90-day highs near 0.2191 and 42.13, respectively. These movements highlight some strength in the AED compared to these currencies, with the AED to JPY pair particularly standing out at 3.1% above its 3-month average. Despite the stability of the AED's peg to the USD, these fluctuations against other currencies provide opportunities for traders and businesses engaged in international transactions involving the UAE dirham.


    US dollar to United Arab Emirates dirham - USD/AED Trend

    USD to AED is steady at its 3-month average 3.6727.
    1 USD =
    3.6725We compare provider deals to this wholesale mid-market rate. Read more
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