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Compare ANZ Bank AUD to TOP foreign transfers

Use our comparison table to find the best exchange rates for Tongan Paanga foreign transfers compared to ANZ Bank.

When you are thinking about sending money abroad, an international money transfer provider is a great option. They can help you with the whole process, provide useful online tools and most importantly bank-beating exchange rates and low or zero fees.


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Foreign Transfer ProvidersReceive TOP(T$)Exchange RateFee AUDTotal CostDeal Links
OFX (OzForex) logo
13,947 TOP
Best Overall
OFX (OzForex): Foreign Transfer AUD→TOP
AUD amount:$10,000 AUD
Fee:0^ - No fees for BestExchangeRates users (normally $15 for transfers over $10K)
Exchange Rate:1.3947 (11.27% from mid-rate)
TOP amount:13,947 TOP
Total Cost:11.27%
Rate Fetched: Sun Aug 18 2019 18:01:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Transfer Speed:1-2 days
Services:Bank Transfers - Online & Phone, Foreign Currency Accounts
: 4.8/5.0
Snapshot 08/18/2019 - See full table