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Convert NZD to JPY at Best Exchange Rates

Use this two-way calculator and chart to calculate amounts in either New Zealand dollar or 1000 using the real-time NZD/JPY market mid-rate. Then choose your transaction type Foreign Transfer Travel Money to see the available exchange rates and reviews for our leading foreign exchange providers.

NZD to JPY mid-rate calculator

1 NZD equals

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There are three important types of information that you need to know if you are to have any chance of getting the best possible NZD / JPY rate :

  1. Market NZD to JPY mid-rate - the starting point.
  2. Transaction costs, these include exchange rate margins plus various types of fees. These margin and fee costs vary for Foreign Transfers and Travel Money transactions.
  3. Up-to-date Currency News, Research and Forecasts for New Zealand dollar and Japanese yen.

1. Market NZD/JPY mid-rate

Right now the NZD/JPY market rate is and represents how many Japanese yen you can get for one New Zealand dollar.

The NZD/JPY mid-rate is the rate you will see Quoted on Google or the News, nobody except the largest banks and businesses can get exchange rates close to this mid-rate. It is actually just the theoretical half-way point (hence mid-rate) between the last rate at which the NZD / JPY was traded (bought or sold) in the international markets.

1 New Zealand dollar equals
Japanese yen 1=

You can calculate with the current mid-rate using our NZD to JPY calculator below but note the rate will most likely be quite different by the time you make you currency exchange.

2. Transaction Costs - Margins and Fees for NZD/JPY Foreign Exchange

The transaction margin from the mid-rate you will be charged by your bank or foreign exchange provider plus any fixed or percentage fees. These margins and fees will vary significantly for International Money Transfers and Travel Money transactions.

NZD to JPY Foreign Transfer - Costs Compared

You can see a sample of the margins from mid-rate in the table below which shows an example of the costs charged by FX specialist and the average bank rate when sending money transfers from NZD to JPY.

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Compare Foreign Transfers

Sending NZD 10,000 to JPY

 OFX (prev. NZForex)
¥759,000 JPY (2.19%)
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Price Details
Receive: ¥759,000 JPY
Exchange Rate: 75.9
Fees: NZD 0
Total Cost : 2.19% (from mid-rate: 77.5995)
This is the amount of money that could be received by your transfer at rate NZD/JPY=75.9 and inclusive of the fee of NZD 0.
Rate timestamp : Sun Apr 22 2018 02:09:46 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Bank Rates - Average
¥735,578 JPY (5.21%)
This is the average NZD to JPY International Transfer exchange rate and fees from multiple banks for FX rates available over the counter and also via Internet Banking.

Price Details
Receive: ¥735,578 JPY
Exchange Rate: 73.72
Fees: NZD 22
Total Cost : 5.21% (from mid-rate: 77.5995)
Receive JPY ¥23,422 less than with   OFX
This is the amount of money that could be received by your transfer at rate NZD/JPY=73.72 and inclusive of the fee of NZD 22.

Travel Money NZD to JPY - Costs Compared

The below table shows an example of the margins and possible savings when you order travel money online with a currency specialist versus the average bank, kiosk or post office rate to buy foreign cash.

Travel Money Exchange Rates Compared

Buying JPY Cash with NZD 2,000

 Travelex Online
¥149,847 JPY (3.45%)
Click here to order Travel Money and the Pre-paid Cash Passport with $0 commission* and great exchange rates only available online. Pickup your cash at your local Travelex store or conveniently at the airport on departure day.
* Orders paid for via BPAY incur no additional fees, credit/debit fee 1.8%
Price Details
Receive: ¥149,847 JPY
Exchange Rate: 74.9233
Fees: NZD 0 *
Total Cost : 3.45% (from mid-rate: 77.5995)
Amount of money that could be received by your currency exchange at rate NZD/JPY=74.9233 and inclusive of the fee of NZD 0 *.
Rate timestamp : Sun Apr 22 2018 02:00:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Bank Rates - Average
¥146,124 JPY (5.85%)
This is the average NZD to JPY Buy Foreign Cash exchange rate from multiple banks, exchange kiosks and post-offices, available over the counter and via the internet.

Price Details
Receive: ¥146,124 JPY
Exchange Rate: 73.8
Fees: NZD 20 (1%)
Total Cost : 5.85% (from mid-rate: 77.5995)
Receive JPY ¥3,723 less than with   Travelex Online
Amount of money that could be received by your currency exchange at rate NZD/JPY=73.8 and inclusive of the fee of NZD 20 (1%).
Rates snapshot: 04/22/2018

Getting a good market rate is mainly about timing however the transaction margin you end up being charged can be considerably reduced by around a few percent (of total amount being exchanged) for travel money and possibly over 5% to 6% when sending money. The exact potential savings depends on the currencies being exchanged and the amount you are transferring and if you are willing to shop around.

Our real-time comparison calculators make shopping around easy and help you calculate how much you can save.

Why can't I just get the same NZD/JPY market rate I see on Google or in the Media?

When you look up the current New Zealand dollar to Japanese yen exchange rate on the web the figure you find quoted on sites like google or mentioned on TV is commonly referred to as the mid-market rate.

NZD to JPY mid-rate on google

NZD to JPY mid-rate on google search

Getting a great NZD to JPY mid-market rate is all about timing, so unless you are able to wait, watch and time the market this is largely beyond your control. This rate will go up and down with varying amounts of volatility depending on the currency pair.

This mid-market rate is really only a reference and is just the starting point for calculating the actual rate you will get for your transaction, luckily we can also use this same rate to determine how good a deal a rate that a provider offers you actually is.

You can use the below NZD to JPY calculator to convert currency amounts using the latest mid-market exchange rates. Then choose your transaction type for specific New Zealand dollar cross rates and reviews of leading foreign exchange providers versus the Banks.

3. Currency News, Research and Forecasts for New Zealand dollar and Japanese yen

Whenever you are interested in an exchange rate you are actually interested in two currencies due to the fact that the value of a currency is always determined quoted in comparison to another currency.

So it follows that if you are determining the best time to transact, in this case the NZD vs JPY, you should pay attention to both New Zealand dollar and Japanese yen news and forecasts.

New Zealand dollar (NZD) - Market news and forecasts

The New Zealand dollar gained handsomely against the Australian dollar between October and mid-April, strengthening by 7% to fetch 0.95 AUD, although the kiwi remains within the central portion of its 2014-2018 trading range against AUD.

Against the US dollar, the New Zealand dollar had rallied at the time of this report to 0.738 and continues to climb steadily towards the highs of its current cycle, roughly between 0.745 and 0.755.

In April, analysts at Saxo Bank questioned whether NZD had the legs to threaten cycle highs given likely unfavourable changes to the NZ-US interest rate differential. US benchmark interest rates have already risen to match New Zealand’s and are expected to overtake them this year. While further US hikes are expected in 2018, no rate hike in New Zealand is expected until mid-2019. Accounting and consulting firm PwC described the NZ-US differential in April as a “massive change in market conditions” that offered a “disincentive to invest in the New Zealand dollar.”

Other threats to the New Zealand dollar include the potential for a US-China trade war, which would threaten global trade and consequently weigh on growth-sensitive currencies like NZD. The kiwi got a boost in the second week of April after Chinese Premier Xi Jinping declined from speaking harshly on Washington’s trade policies at the Boao Forum (“Asia’s Davos”).

Japanese yen (JPY) - Market news and forecasts

The Japanese yen spent much of 2017 trading up and down between 108 and 115 per US dollar, but has been the best performing G10 currency in early 2018. In the first seven weeks of the year, USD/JPY fell 6% to 106.11, marking the yen’s strongest level against the dollar in fifteen months.

The yen has also made back ground against the euro, strengthening by mid-February to rates in the low 132s; however, the yen remains weak against the euro by recent standards – EUR/JPY had been as low as 109.2 in mid-2016.

The yen’s strength in early 2018 will have surprised analysts at UBS. Entering the new year, the bank predicted that the yen would do worst of all the FX majors this year on the grounds that Shinzo Abe’s re-election in 2017 would likley mean a continuation of extremely loose monetary policy in Japan. UBS believed that the yen would weaken to levels above 115 per dollar.

“Analysts have struggled to explain why the yen is rising,” said the Financial Times in February, especially when the differential between US and Japanese interest rates continues to widen in favour of the dollar.

“I think [the reason for yen strength] is more technical,” said Citi analyst Koichi Kano.

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