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Japanese Yen – Market News


Coronavirus panic drives US dollar strength

Currency rates were extremely volatile last week as the coronavirus situation worsened day by day with various countries implementing ever-tougher measures to stop the spread of the disease.

Coronavirus spread fears linger – USD strong – AUD at 11 year lows

This week the US Dollar was touching three-year highs when valued against a basket of major currencies. The greenback's traditional role as one of the safe-haven currencies is helped by a domestic economy that is largely immune to the threats of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus unnerves currency markets

The strong start to the year for "risk-on" currencies is already a distant memory.

New Year Optimism Retreats on US/Iran Tension

The threat of a proxy war between the US and Iran in Iraq has pared back some of the recent gains of "risk-on" currencies.

Booming Commodities Can’t Save Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is at or near multi-month lows against a number of major currencies in spite of a rampant iron ore market — once a great influence on AUD.

Australian Dollar at 4-Month Low After China Announces Tariff Retaliation

The US-China trade war is hotting up and that’s bad news for the Australian dollar, which slipped on Monday to a 4-month low against the dollar, euro and yen.

AUD to JPY Forecast

The FX market's bellwether for risk sentiment, AUD/JPY, is expected by NAB at ¥78 at the end of 2020.

Japanese yen JPY forecasts for 2020

Goldman Sachs forecast the downward course for Dollar to Yen to continue with a USD/JPY rate of 95 in the near future. JPY in the markets You can also read our full Foreign Exchange Guide to Japan. Note the Japanese yen is a low value currency, against the US dollar it is normally quoted as […]

Mega Bank Ends Cash Remittances

Japanese mega bank MUFG has announced it will end all over-the-counter money transfer services in June of this year in an effort to avert money laundering.

Australian, New Zealand Dollars Rise Most on Hopes for US-China Trade Deal

The Australian and New Zealand dollar currencies have been the best performing majors in recent days. Each has gained nine-tenths of a cent against the US dollar since Thursday, with appreciation fuelled by the market’s upbeat mood towards a potential US-China trade agreement.

Japan Allows Fintech Payments Specialists to Compete with Banks

Japanese Yen JPY Currency News and Forecasts

The Japanese FSA has announced it will finally remove a ¥1 million (US$9,000) cap on cross-border money transfers handled by non-banking entities, paving the way for a major overhaul of Japan’s remittance industry.

Aussie Recovers Following “Flash Crash” but Downtrend Intact

The Australian dollar is back trading in the high $0.69s following a wild and rocky Wednesday night. In just a few minutes, a market “flash crash”—blamed on a surprise earnings warning from Apple and thin liquidity—had taken the Aussie down 3.2 percent to a 10-year low of $0.675.

The Yen Is Flying; AUD/JPY, CAD/JPY at Lowest Since 2016

Japanese Yen JPY Currency News and Forecasts

The yen has entered the New Year in much the same form it exited 2018. It climbed on Wednesday to fresh long-term terms highs against many major currencies and is predicted to strengthen further in both the short and long term.

Undervalued Australian Dollar Higher in 2019 (CIBC); Franc, Yen at Multi-Month Highs on Haven Demand

There’s been no letup over Christmas for the Australian dollar, which continues to threaten the 70-US cents handle. The Aussie may appreciate as high as 78 cents in 2019, an expert has said. Meanwhile, safety-driven inflows have forced the franc and yen much higher, but oil prices continue to weigh heavily on the Canadian dollar.

Stock Market Rout Sends Australian Dollar Tumbling

Against the US dollar, the Australian dollar fell on Friday to within 0.1 percent of October’s low, a break of which will take the currency to its lowest level in more than 2 ½ years. Investors dumped the risk-sensitive Aussie after heavy selling in equities markets and as a US government shutdown became increasingly likely.

US Dollar Posts Worst Day in 7 Weeks After Fed Cuts Interest Rate Forecasts

The US dollar was sold heavily on Thursday in the aftermath of midweek announcements by the Federal Reserve. Though the Fed raised US interest rates by 25 basis points, as widely expected, it lowered its expectations for rate hikes in 2019, to the disappointment of dollar investors.

Australian Dollar Lacks Inspiration Following RBA Minutes, Looks Cheap Versus CAD, JPY

The Australian dollar continues to stagnate in the aftermath of Monday's RBA meeting minutes and ahead of this week’s meeting of the US Federal Reserve. Barring surprises, the Aussie is likely to remain well supported against the British pound, Canadian dollar and Japanese yen.

GBP, AUD, NZD Jump as UK-EU Reach Deal on Financial Services

The mood was buoyant in foreign exchange markets on Thursday following news that the UK has achieved a deal with the EU on financial services that would give London’s banks continued access to European markets post-Brexit. Together with the pound, currencies that benefit from the switch to “risk on,” like the Australian dollar and New […]

Dollar Strikes 16-Month High; Euro FX Down in the Dumps; Mexican Peso Falls Sharply

Developments outside the US allowed for the dollar to appreciate against a basket of currencies to a sixteen-month high on Wednesday. The ICE-maintained US dollar Index, which provides a weighted-mean measure of the greenback’s value against the euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Japanese yen and Swedish krona, traded above 97.0 for the second […]

Australian Dollar Steady Despite Risk Aversion, Sterling to Get Wild and Bitcoin Makes Its Move

This week’s flight from risky assets, evident from massive losses in equities, has yet to affect the risk-sensitive Australian dollar. The yen is firmer though, bitcoin has finally broken lower and options traders are paying up for protection against future sterling volatility.

Yen Falls to 9-Month Low and Era of Cheap Money Ends in Hong Kong

The US dollar was the best of the majors on Thursday—it broke to a nine-month high versus the yen and forced a retreat in the Australian dollar back to the low $0.72s. In Hong Kong, commercial lending rates have been raised for the first time in twelve years, indicating the beginning of the end for cheap money in the region.

End of “Accommodative” Monetary Policy Sparks US Dollar Volatility

The Federal Reserve raised the upper level of US interest rates to 2.25 percent on Wednesday, as widely expected, while also dropping longstanding terminology from its statement relating to the “accommodative” level of monetary policy. The dollar was volatile as a result.

Australian Dollar Has Best Week in 9 Months; Sterling Has a Shocker

A gain last week of 1.9 percent marked the Australian dollar’s best weekly performance versus the US dollar since December. The Aussie rebound continued with a touch of the $0.73 handle on Friday. Australia’s currency had been worth less than $0.71 just 10 days earlier. It settled for the week at $0.7285. Further to gains […]

Yen Is Star Performer, Yuan Devalued and Bitcoin Finds a Bottom

The Japanese yen has been the star performer of recent days and by Monday afternoon in London it was once again trading higher against most of the world’s currencies. When last seen, USD/JPY stood at 111.

Yen Weakness Persists and New Zealand Dollar Jumps on Inflation

The yen fell on Monday to two-month lows against the pound and euro, and recovered only slightly from Friday's six-month low against the US dollar. Meanwhile, the New Zealand dollar surged midway through Tuesday's Asian session after upbeat news on inflation.

Yuan and Australian Dollar Hit by Latest Round of US Tariffs

USD/CAD to Trade at 1.35 on Interest Rate Surprise

Trump Slaps Tariffs on Allies but Calm Prevails Ahead of US Jobs Data

The Week Ahead for EUR, USD and JPY

Canadian Dollar at 2-Year Low Versus Euro as Washington Imposes Steel, Aluminium Tariffs

Inflation Leads US Rate Expectations Higher but Dollar Traders Don’t Care

FX Calm Amid Broader Market Carnage; Dollar, Yen and Bitcoin Benefit

Dollar Doldrums: USD Suffers Worst Day in 10-Months Despite Pick-Up in Core Inflation

Markets Upbeat Ahead of FOMC and Trump Decision; Korean Won Best in Asia-Pac

Asia-Pac Currencies Make Waves Against Euro After ECB Extends Asset Purchases

Korean Won at 7-Week High, Canadian Dollar Suffers and ECB to Announce Plans for QE

Philippine Peso at Eleven-Year Low and Australian Dollar Falls on CPI Miss

Yen at Weakest Since July Following Abe’s Decisive Win and Strength in EUR/GBP Predicted

Yen Unmoved by Exports and NZD Slumps Ahead of Decision on New Zealand’s Future Government

The Week Ahead for Asia FX

Asia-Pac Gains as Risk Appetite Returns

US Jobs Report Best Ignored as Hurricanes Wreak Havoc on Economic Data; Dollar Flip-Flops

Australian Dollar Has Tough Day; Will Go Easy Ahead of US Payrolls Data

US Dollar to Return to Long-Term Decline, Says Saxo Bank

Asian Currencies Have Muted Start to Golden Week

Citi, ANZ, SocGen: Yen to Suffer as Carry Trade Regains Popularity

Asia-Pac Takes a Hit as Fed Sticks to Guns on Rate Hike, Balance Sheet Normalization

New Zealand Dollar Jumps as New Election Poll Suggests National Party Victory

ABM Amro Has “Strong Conviction” on Future Dollar Weakness; Predicts 12 percent Rise in AUD and NZD

Sterling Soars, Yen the Casualty at the End of Eventful Week

Missile Test Whipsaws Yen and Swiss Central Bank Speaks on Franc

Singapore Dollar Trades Cautiously but Still Reaches 6-Week High Versus Yen

USD/JPY Finally Breaks 108 on Hurricane Irma Concerns

Asian Currencies Plunge Against CAD After Bank of Canada’s Surprise Rate Hike

Mixed Opinions on Yen as Currency Gaps Higher Following North Korea’s “Unprecedented” Test

Data Fails to Lift AsiaPac Currencies

Geopolitics Take Centre Stage, Gives Lift to Yen but US Dollar Remains on the Ropes

Baht’s Climb Not Yet Done, Says New Forecast

Korean Won Leads Asian Currencies Higher

Government Forecasts Add to New Zealand Dollar Woes, Currency at 14-Month Low Versus EUR

Yen Falls as Risk Appetite Returns

Little Chance of Another US Rate Hike This Year as CPI Disappoints Again

Yen at 8-Week High as Investors Flee to Safe Havens and Singapore’s Economy Outperforms

Strength in Thai Baht Only Temporary, Says Finance Minister

Dollar Has Best Day Since January After Solid Jobs Report

RBA Stay Put and Moody’s Are Unhappy with South Africa’s Monetary Policy, Rand Falls to Long-Term Lows

Yuan and Yen Valuations Currently on Point, Says IMF

There’s a “Perfect Storm” for Swiss Franc Depreciation, Currency at 18-Month Low Versus Euro

“Most important Data Release in Australia” Turns Aussie Dollar Cold, Now a Great Time to Convert AUD

A Scare for NZD as Contagious Disease Is Found in New Zealand Cattle for the First Time

Yen Falls After BoJ Admit Defeat on Inflation and Can’t Stop Australian Dollar as Currency Approaches 0.80 vs. USD

Korean Won Holds Yellen-Inspired Gains After Interest Rate Decision

A Strong Baht Concerns Thailand’s Exporters, Currency Reaches 17-Month High Versus Yen

Yen Falls for Fourth Consecutive Week as BoJ Works to Drive Rates Down, Says Will Buy an “Unlimited” Number of JGBs

Taiwan Dollar Rally Is Set to End, Says Survey

Will the RBA Follow Hawkish Lead Set by Other Central Banks?

Yen Falls Intra-Day After Japan’s Ruling Party is Crushed in Tokyo Election

Australian Dollar at 3-Month High, Receives Second Boost in as Many Days as Iron Ore Leaps Back Above $60

Yen Falls to 1-Month Low Ahead of Yellen Speech

Yen Threatens Major Level Against THB, Falls to Multi-Month Lows vs. NZD and AUD Following Surprise Japanese Trade Deficit

Australian Dollar Falls but Recovers Following Moody’s Downgrade of Australia’s Top Banks

Yen to Fall Most Versus New Zealand Dollar, Says Bank of America Merrill Lynch After BoJ Maintains Status Quo

New Zealand Dollar Finally Turns Following FOMC and Weaker Than Expected GDP

Australian Dollar Unmoved by Fall in Consumer Sentiment

South Africa’s Rating Downgraded Again but Currency Remains Stable

New Zealand Dollar Strength Continues, Reaches 7-Month High vs. Canadian Dollar

US Dollar Index Falls to 7-Month Low on Poor Jobs Data

New Zealand Dollar Is Best Performer in May but Big Bank Predicts Lower Value Ahead

Sterling Falls to 1-Month Low as Polls Show Tory Lead Shrinking

Dollar Battered and Fed Rate Hike in Doubt as Trump Jolts Markets

Korean Won Makes Its Move, Malaysia in Focus and Hong Kong Dollar Still Falling

Traders Bought the Rumour, Sold the Fact as Euro Falls Slightly on Macron Victory

Euro Is Flying Ahead of French Vote, Markets No Longer Concerned About Le Pen

Australian Dollar Little Changed Following RBA

Scotiabank: Four Conditions for Asian Currency Appreciation in 2017

Three in a Row for Japanese CPI Growth and Trump Pantomime Continues

Aussie Falls on CPI Miss and Hong Kong Dollar Slide Continues, Now at Fourteen-Month Lows

Yen to Weaken Against US Dollar in Coming Months, Says Citi Bank, and US Protectionism Begins with Trump’s Canadian Lumber Tax

Euro Jumps to Multi-Month Highs Vs. USD, NZD and AUD: Markets See Macron as Near Certainty for French Presidency as He Faces Le Pen in Election Second Round

Get Your New Zealand Dollars This Year Rather Than Next, Suggests Bank’s Latest FX Forecasts

Dollar Plays Catch Up, European Elections to Begin and Pleasant Surprises on China Data

Bank of America’s Yen Recommendation Proven Wrong Within Hours Amid Markets’ Flight to Safety

Philippine Peso Starts Q2 with a Bang

A Big Increase in the Yen Is Coming, Says Analyst at Investment Bank

US Dollar Resilience Forces AUD/USD below 75.00 and Indian Rupee Skyrocketing

Yen Jumps as US Missiles Strike Syria

Australian Dollar / Yen Outlook: ‘Aussie’ Strong Enough to Halt the Yen’s Advance at 84.00

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